Saturday, January 2, 2010


So after I posted last night, did my fitday, printed it out etc I went down for MORE Superfoods brownie batter. It was so chocolaty and thick... and I was so stressed out. Total Jan 1 intake? 170g! 684cal and 21.25servings!!!

I am now contemplating what to do today. I am going to the gym (opens @ 9)...and then..I don't know. I had plans with S to do our regular Saturday groceries etc, but he is causing so much anxiety for me. He is being an immature loser. Won't text when I don't spend the day with him. Didn't text Happy New Years because he was too jealous I was with other people- and now he doesn't text unless I contact him first. It's all his manipulative way to make me come to him. He keeps repeating the same few sentences over and over (VERBATIM) "It's all about you" "you know I would do anything for you", "I have all the time in the world for you" and then of course, reminding me of everything he bought me (using it as a control technique):
"I bought you that bowl didn't I"- when he full well knows he did. He always reiterates. Or out of nowhere, completely unrelated he says " you're good on crackers/tuna/canned beans etc because I bought you a case". Not just once, but over and over and over...
"I can't keep track of what I bought you- it's cost me over $3000", or "With the amount of books I'm buying you and probably will be, the savings card will save me money in the long run (on updating me Irewards Chapters/Indigo membership card- I never asked him to).
Sorry for the rant. I need to make a decision soon- before he wants to have a lovely discussion about "US". He is good at texting his feelings, and of course blurting them out when he drops me off and goes running through the back door to his car and yells in out loud 2 sec from when the door closes. So LAME. Ugh

I know I sound like a MAJOR bitch right now, but I am so frustrated. I truly am a nice person, and I go out of my way to be nice to him because he is insecure etc. I have tried to ignore comments, as not to embarrass him and make him uncomfortable (ie his immature behaviour, comments via text of how GREAT we'd be together etc), and I truly am a nice person. But I am FED UP/Exhausted and annoyed beyond words!

I will update my day later....
sorry for the RANT!

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