Sunday, January 10, 2010

Return Of The PROTISHAKE and Bullet Lovin...

What a day. I was so drained that I went to the gym, got on the machine for 48SEC and went home. I did grab a protilife Chocolate shake from my locker, opened the unopened and unused Magic Bullet Single shot, and made a thick smoothie with PGX granules, Davinci Sugar Free Cookie Dough Syrup, Walden Farms Pancake, and cinnamon sweetener etc. I kept adding liquid/flavor until it got creamy. I ate this with broccoli slaw, and wax beans.

I stayed mostly in Superstore, grabbed radishes, cauliflower, romaine, canned wax beans salsa etc. Community was OUT of my Holy Basil tea...not good. I also ran to Arirang (Korean Market) to stock up on some Seaweed Nori Sheets! I was so nervous about seeing S. It was a weird day. Got home, ate, ate a pack of 10 GG Brancrisps as a dessert, watched tv, read blogs, went to bed...woke up @ 1245AM starving. I ate a bag of radishes 480g, cauliflower, and hot pickeled veggies (Bicks) before hitting the sheets!


  1. Wow that sounds like a super-sweet smoothie! And I hate waking up in the middle of the night starving- yucky feeling :/

  2. I LOVE my Magic Bullet too--one of the best purchases I've made ever!