Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ready for Spring already! It is COLD

I hit the gym for some cardio this morning (55min 536cal/5.76miles) and grabbed 3 scoops of Renew Life Fiber Smart which I mixed with sf pancake syrup and cinnamon at home *amazing!

I had major trepidation about meeting S, so I delayed until 1. I ended up having a decent time. Got lots of second hand books, including the BIGGEST find- Benazir Bhutto's memoir! I also got about 5 other books, an audio book which I can listen to at night, and a Moonlight CD (classical music that is supposed to be calming). I got The Constant Gardener, Adam Gopnik's Paris To The Moon, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, The Shack and Richard Prices CLOCKERS for fun. I usually read heavier books about Africa/Middle East, memoirs etc, but I got all of these plus the cd for $15! My friend also surprised me and bought Dr Suess's The Lorax!

I then went to Community Natural Foods to grab more Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfoods! We then headed to Planet Organic, where S got me more spices (Cape and Herb lemon pepper/lamb, and REDMOND REAL SALT Organic Natural Seasoning Salt (this is amazing-onion,garlic, celery, coriander etc). I also got QUE PASA organic Mexican Salsa!

Unfortunately, at Safeway they still didn't have good stock on the sweet Bell Peppers, and I had been hoping that they would have the AMAZING Spanish ones they had 2 weeks ago. The produce person was just putting out a shipment of smaller ones from Israel, so I grabbed about 5. I feel like I'm a culinary citizen of the world! I got Mexican Red Bell Peppers last week! I also got 5 Green Onions, tons of vine tomatoes, Crystal Light, 2 bags of Mann's broccoli slaw (they were SOLD out), mushrooms a Xenergy, El Molino Salsa, and TWO JOHNNY'S LEMON PEPPER SEASONING! AMAZING!

Last stop was the AWESOME Korean Market near my apartment called Arirang. I got a pack of white miso soup and a pack of 100 sheets of Yaki Nori full size seaweed.

Here is a picture of my fridge (BAD lighting from fridge and cell phone-sorry). The upper right hand side has a cellophane bag full of red peppers, Dole 908g bags of romaine, radishes, grape tomatoes, broccolislaw and zucchini!

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