Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan 1 2010

I woke up this morning (slept in) at 10am!! I stayed up late researching which gyms were open near me- only one and it was far away. I went to see it the Rec Room gym was open, but they forgot to unlock it. I then contemplated jogging outside, but upon realizing it was -24C outside, I changed my mind. I did some bicep curls (60 each arm) and 10 push ups and called it a day! ha ha. I then ate a pack of radishes dipped into Walden Farms Italian Dressing, and made 37g or Amazing Grass SuperFoods Chocolate! LOVE THIS! I got this yesterday at Planet Organic. 37g= 4.62 servings. I naturally added 2 packets SweetnLow, Davinci Sugar Free Peanut Butter syrup, Walden Farms Pancake syrup and cinnamon!

I then spent an hour researching the Internet for some supplements etc, and decided to go lie down at noon. I NEVER do this, but this was a challenge. I get antsy and my heart rate will actually speed up. I had some BIJA Holy Basil tea- which works miracles, and totally calmed me down. I normally use New Chapter's Holy Basil, but the tea was a nice adjunct. I promised myself that I will stay in bed until 1pm. I decided to continue with my reading of Edward Kennedy's Memoir 'True Compass' (fantastic) and finally got up to go to the bathroom. My sister and I had tentative plans to go see a movie, but I hadn't heard from her by 1:22pm- still sleeping. I turned the kettle on for more tea and then turned to the computer only to see the 'missed call' alert on my cell. I had literally JUST missed her call. She obviously was too tired! I talked to my dad a bit (so impersonal and formal with me- brought tears to my eyes), and am now drinking 2 more Holy Basil teas, listening to music on my computer, and just killing time!

I made some raw zucchini marinara and ate another bag of radishes:

I then made my GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread of goodness along with more Chocolate Amazing Grass Super Food Chocolate batter:

I then made dinner using a bag of broccoli slaw, tuna, 4 cans of beans, 908g bag romaine, tomato, green onion, dressing, 12 nori sushi seaweed sheets:

I let stress get to me and ended up getting 2 more cans of green beans, 74g of broccoli slaw, 11.8g zucchini with lemon pepper, and some with sweetener and cinnamon, 3 more sushi sheets.... and then I ran down to my storage mail box and had another 37g chocolate superfood, went back up decided I want more, and made TWO more trips to get more! In total? 139GRAMS!! 518cals worth! I am texting some friends to see if they want to hang out tomorrow so I don't have to see S (anxious already) but they are either busy catching up on work, have plans etc. I feel like such a failure. Tomorrow my gym finally opens back up from Dec25 so that will be nice. I am a basket case!

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  1. ohh, I am loving the Amazing Grass Chocolate Batter, going to try that tonight with protein powder. Happy New Year!