Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day from hell...or just overly sensitive right now

I honestly don't even know where to begin! What a day. I woke up with my heel/ankle in excruciating pain again. I honestly believe it is fractured. I got less that 1 hr of sleep last night. I am not exaggerating by any means. I was so tired I couldn't think. I took about 5 extra strength Advil and for some reason decided to go to the gym. I was planning on attending the free ZUMBA class tonight- it looks fun. Has anyone tried it yet? T

That clearly didn't happen. As I was leaving, I looked down and saw a white piece of paper was slid underneath the door, under my door mat. It was a 24hr Notice of Entry by the management to enter my apartment for plumbing TODAY. I didn't see it yesterday. I had a total anxiety attack. Right then and there I broke down. My place is a DISASTER. I am so ashamed. I immediately called telling them that I can't do today. I'm like an episode of HOARDERS (not quite so bad- but close). I then went to the gym because I was freaking out. I honestly could've died on the machine. I felt so exhausted and in pain.

I immediately called the Office again and in complete tears explained to the lady that I can't do today, absolutely not, I haven't cleaned, my birthday is coming up, I am stressed, I am ashamed etc... She told me she would have to talk to the maintenance guys and landlord (who were both currently in a meeting) and get back to me. WHAT?! I thought it wouldn't be a huge deal to reschedule. Apparently I was wrong. She finally called back and said that they will accommodate me THIS TIME, but not again. It was apparently for the ENTIRE floor and because of me they scraped it.

I felt so sick at work. I was so frustrated because the manager scheduled THREE of us @ open! WTF! The co-worker that I tend to bitch about (who does NO WORK!) took all the sales, while I priced stocked, cleaned, restocked everything, organized etc. She did not help AT ALL. Even when the manager was there, she read tabloids! She just stood behind the till and every time a customer walked in she would jump on them before I had the chance. She literally did nothing NOTHING and made all the money.

I obviously didn't go to Zumba. I don't think any impact on my ankle/heel is a good idea. I can barely stand on it. I feel nauseous, over-heated, exhausted, cranky and emotional. It's been so much lately, and it's really wearing on me. I am overwhelmed and totally psychologically, physically, emotionally, and mentally worn out. I won't even get into the DRAMA with S right now. I could truly strangle him or take a baseball bat to him right now. I am that frustrated, fed up and emotional. I am turning my cell off for fear of losing my temper on someone. I never take my anger out on others.... but I am at a breaking point!


  1. Oh dear...that does sound like a horrible day. I would have climbed into bed screaming. I think right now, actually, that might be the best thing to do. To go get a good rest, and wake up tomorrow with a fresh new mood and attitude. A bit of bitching helps relieve some stress within, too, so that's where the screaming comes in. ;-)

  2. Hi Sophie,
    Thank you so much for the kind encouraging words! It really made my day! I did need to bitch to someone, and I figured my blog was the best place. That way I'm not bothering or burdening anyone! Thank you so much

  3. oh no:( I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a good day- everyone has 'em though, just remember that! Hope tomorrow is better!!