Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday QUICK recap

I was way too tired Sunday to write a post- but I did read all of yours! I worked at the sugar free place, and got a whack load of syrups to try. I have been pouring the SF Pumpkin Pie syrup over the bran sprinkles, adding cinnamon, sweetener and microwaving it for 33sec. I soaks up the syrup and is so so yummy. I then add either Sorbee's or Walden Farms sf Pancake syrup all over it. Sometimes I add some PGX granules to make it thick. HEAVEN. My friend that picked me up surprised me and ordered me the BULLET EXPRESS. Yes, this is the one I wrote an ENTIRE post about and watch the infomercial daily... I thought it would come this week around Wednesday. So he picks me up and tells me he finally followed the tracking number and knows where it is!! I asked 'Where is it" (totally thinking Tallahassee, or Idaho etc). So he looks at me with this BIG ass grin and says 'IN MY TRUNK'!! And pops it open!!:

These flowers were on the front seat as well:This is my meal from SATURDAY night...OOOPS I will write more later, as I am dead tired this Tuesday morning, and feel stuffed and gross. I need to stop the late night post dinner/dessert stress eating. Even if it is lettuce leaves. The BULLET EXPRESS GUYS!!! This is beyond exciting. I was so exhausted from the drama,stress and excitement of the day (I had to go work after) that I was exhausted when I finally got home. We stopped off after to do groceries again. I couldn't even move. I am getting old ladies.....
There is a drawback with the whole Bullet Express thing. I feel like he is holding it over my head and he keeps bringing it up and wanting me to scream (yes, I shrieked when I saw it- and I mean LOUD) and it is making uncomfortable. He keeps bringing it up it odd ways and if I don't respond how he wants me to, he gets irritated and huffy like a little kid throwing a tantrum and just says 'fine' and gets all quiet. It's stressful.
Have a great day!

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