Friday, September 4, 2009

Behold the SIEVES/Strainers!

Finally, I took them out of my yellow Bay bags, and am uploading them for you all to see. Shotty picture- it's before 7 am and my cell phone and bad lighting do NOT a pretty picture make. I thought they merit 2 photos to document their full splendor!!!

The Strainers:

Pretty, no? Yes, I like my kitchen gadgets and utensils....

I also had the BEST salsa today. I have been going through 2-3 LITRE tubs a DAY lately, and had non left today. I was too tired to walk to a grocery store, so I ran into a little Organic Vitamin store in the mall and grabbed the Simply Natural Fire Roasted Black Bean and Corn Organic Salsa. It's only 470mL- I didn't think I'd be that impressed. OMG. It is amazing. Thick like chili, with the most amazing fire roasted taste ever! Needless to say, I finished the whole jar in less than 10 minutes. I shit you not! Here are some pictures of it's fire-roasted, organic, chunky goodness:

I can't wait to try there other flavors!

I am still getting my GHETTO no name superstore generic brand- which I actually love. I do not like PACE salsa (except picante) they are TOO vinegary. I LOVE OLD DUTCH RESTAURANTE salsa in mild, and my new favorite is El Restaurante Original Chunky Salsa distributed by Nalley Canada Ltd. These are all the 1.89L and 3.4L sizes I'm talking about. I pour it on salad, pasta, tuna, chicken,veggies, and mostly I dip Sushi Seaweed Nori into it as a scoop. SO GOOD.


Obviously the more expensive gourmet ones are the best (and I have had some damn good salsas) but for the amount I go through, I need CHEAP and large. There is a wholesale place that had a 4Ltr size of this well known condiment/industry/food court type brand. It started with an S. Sunett? Sunkist? Who knows, but I am grabbing some tomorrow!

I think I should have called this post 'Salsa Loving' instead- that'll have to wait for tomorrow! What are your favorite salsas???

Looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing what you've been up to!

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  1. ha I feel the SAME way about salsa- the store brands are the best, especially if we power thru them so quickly :D