Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Glorious Basterds

I NEVER sleep in. EVER. Even when I want to and try to- No Dice. Somehow, after 3 days of doing nothing (I must be exhausted from all the exertion) I slept in. I usually leave for the gym @ 7-710am. I woke up @ 7:03am. It is now 7:31am and I have taken all my thermo's, energy pills, and because I am out of my Xenergy (which I use to slam back all my energy pills- I know, I'm messed up) I had a packet of Gaspari's Superpumped 250 with all my pills. I am switching from Advil (Ibuprofen) and Motrin type pain killers, to Tylenol extra strength- simply because that is what they had at Superstore and I didn't like the ingredients in the generic version of Advil (castor oil does NOT sit well with me). Hopefully it helps!

Yesterday, I FINALLY bought a skillet And 2 strainers of varying sizes to replace the other 2 I had bought previously. 1 is from the complete cook, and looks really nice but is pretty expensive. The other one is my ghetto strainer from Walmart, but works rather well since it is soooo deep. I need to return the gourmet one, and one of the small ones (although I actually think I might keep the Ghetto Strainer).I will add a picture tomorrow as I'm too tired now.

I went to see INGLOURIOUS BASTARDS this afternoon and am so glad I did! Very well done movie; great witty, intelligent dialogue, humor, interesting story etc. It was so funny and brilliantly acted. It did not feel like 2.5hrs!!

My workout this morning was pretty decent, and I managed not to over eat today. I have gained 5lbs from the stress eating and am NOT happy about that. I go back to work tomorrow, which has been a major cause of stress and anxiety for me- so I'm obviously a tad apprehensive. Wish me luck!!


  1. Wishing You a great day back at work girl! Just take each moment at a time:)
    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. I was contemplating seeing this movie but wasn't sure it would be good. Gonna see it now after your recommendation :-)