Sunday, September 27, 2009

It occurred to me yesterday, whilst browsing yet another food store, that I spend 100% of my weekends hunting for food. Thank goodness my friend is so acquiescent! Today we are hitting up the Wholesale Superstore (huge ass salsa, 12pack of Fuze Shape Tropical, and Sunspun dried chili flakes because they are so cheap!). In Superstore I am getting more canned wax beans, tuna, SALSA, Romaine, Bamboo Shoots and maybe some Sprite Zero.
Yes, I did go to Superstore Friday, and Yesterday, and am going today. I like going. Sad, I know.
Walmart, to me, is like a tourist attraction that should charge admission. Especially the Ghetto one in the NE. Too much fun and mockage. Either way, they have my Jello snacks at the best price, so that merits the detour.
I am headed to the gym. I am OBSESSED with the fiber sprinkles, and only have 1 tub left. I have literally been binging on it. Case in point, Measured out 65g yesterday, doused it is sf pancake syrup, and Davinci's sf Syrups in Cookie Dough, Vanilla, B52, Macadamia Nut etc, added sweetener, cinnamon and PGX granules and popped it in the microwave for 25secs. It tastes like Red River porridge hot cereal! I added globs of Chocolate Dip, more pancake syrup etc. The Sprinkles (much like Fiber One or All Bran) soak up all liquid and take on the fabulous flavor of whatever I add to it. PGX adds thickness, and a Cream of Wheat type consistency.
I was stuffed after dinner and my Sprinkles, but felt compelled to put clothes on, get on the elevator and go downstairs to get more Sprinkles (sore them in my mail box). I got 75g more, ate it and wanted more again. I am stress eating. I feel like I need Zanax or something!
Gym time... My ankle is still bruised and hurts like a M.F. I have such weird obsessions, and need to face my feelings. I tell myself that at least it isn't cereal, or muffin mix, or bread etc, but the Sprinkles still are pure carb (which I have an addiction to) and binging on lettuce leaves doesn't make it OK. It's still emotional eating, and binging regardless of what I put in my mouth. Life can be sooo hard sometimes. Or we make it harder than it has to be by how we cope with situations, react and respond to them, and how we choose to behave.
I want to regress to about age 2!! Ah, the good years!!!

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