Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is going to be a super quick post as I'm running behind, my gym opens @ 9am, I am SUPPOSED to be @ work @ 9:30 (NOT HAPPENING- my workout is 54min, the store opens @ 10am- I am going to be there @ 10:15am, not that it matters because Saturdays are DEAD).

I downloaded the most beautiful cell phone wallpaper yesterday of St. Lucia, beaches, rain, palm trees etc. I also uploaded about 10 songs to use as ringtones. I love ! It's safe, and all free and customizable!!

I am getting picked up around 2:30pm-3pm and then running to the nearest Superstore to buy Salsa, canned wax beans etc and to the Korean Market for my KAEDE seaweed strips. I can't believe I ate 5 entire packages this week. There are 100 whole sheets in each.
That's 71.5 sheets PER DAY. I went through 6 1.86 L jugs of salsa, a 3.9 LITRE huge ass jug, and 2 473mL jars of PC salsa verde and another one.

I haven't had a protein powder binge in a while, or even had any straight up except for 1 package last week of the new Gaspari Myofusion Strawberries and Cream to try because I was feeling light headed. Gaspari is a great company, and they are also reformulating one of my favorite thermogenics CYTOLEAN. I hope it'll be great!!! I use their Superpumped250 with a Xenergy most mornings before my Cardio.

I asked you guys yesterday, but I'll re post until I get feedback:
What types of supplements do you want reviews on? Anything in specific you would like clarification on? Any product you are interested in? Let me know!

Have a FABULOUS day everyone, and leave comments and WRITE! I know I haven't been posting as many pics as before, or blogging as frequently, but keep in mind I have mono, adrenal exhaustion, migraines and am so stressed most days I want to run away. So tired. Also, when you have such a lack of response, it makes you feel worthless and like nobody cares, and gives you that 'Why Bother' mentality.

I really appreciate every single email, comment etc I have gotten. They have made my day!

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