Friday, September 11, 2009

FRIDAY whoop whoop

It is FRIDAY. This past 1.5 weeks I've managed to gain 7 lbs of fat, stress myself to the point of near breakdown, eat 6 1.89L and 1 3.89L jugs of salsa, sprain my ankle, workout, make it through work, storm out of work lest I strangle my annoying coworker, eat enough nori sheets to supply my thyroid with iodine for the rest of my life, pop enough pain killers to consider that my blood is liquid acetaminophen, salsa, and crystal light. I've become addicted to FUZE SHAPE in TROPICAL FRUIT (not feeling the strawberry melon).I would like to know when Canada will get the rest of the slenderize flavors??!!! Dragon fruit, blue raspberry??!! Hello, bring it Fuze people. Canada likes to have healthy options too!!!
Most importantly, I have utilized my mini Salter digital scale of love, numerous times a day at the gym, and yesterday in the food court. Yes people were watching and giving me odd looks (it was a cucumber- I know- but it was fun). I must have looked like an eating disordered OCD person. The scale is TINY and discreet, but peeling and weighing a cucumber... well, there isn't a way to be stealth about that!

Heading to the gym now, then work, then possibly either collapse from mental exhaustion, or from eating my body weight in salsa and seaweed sheets.
I'll update later.

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