Sunday, September 6, 2009

,Salsa Fever Sunday, Migraine fever friday hell, and Super Saturday

I meant to update you on the actual day of (fri,sat,sun) but didn't, so here we are. It'll be quick. Friday I started feeling quite sick in terms of nausea and headache towards the end of work. By the time I got home, fell in love with Simply Naturals' Salsa, and started my protishake and protein cakes prep I was NOT feeling good. I shovelled everything in, made dinner and stuffed myself after with the frozen cake/ice cream combo I had made. I was in so much pain at this point, I popped every pain pill I had and hit the sack.

I ended up waking up every 2hrs, so sick and dizzy- I threw up all night (more like dry heaving). This went on ALL NIGHT. I finally realized that I am NOT going to the gym (which you know is rare for me) and got up at 6ish to start eating (3 cans of tuna, 2 cans of wax beans, 20+ sushi seaweed sheets dipped into mounds of salsa). I also was scheduled to work, and was so mentally exhausted and blah from the pain pill/ migraine combo.

Started feeling better, and didn't cancel my weekend shopping friend from picking me up @ 1. We got 6 1.89L tubs of salsa. 3 ghetto, 2 of the El Restaurante, and I tried a new Salsa Verde as well (ps- I ate the entire 1.89L tub of ghetto salsa, and verde that night). I also got 24 cans of yellow wax beans, and some sf pop, lettuce, and 16 cucumbers at safeway. I got home and my light died in my kitchen. I had to chop and wash slimy lettuce in the dark! I also got a HUGE stuffed hippo from my friend. The day ended up being great!

We also FINALLY made it to small Korea 2. Every time we go, it's closed. I normally go to one right by me (Arirang) but we wanted to try this one. It was cute. I got my KAEDE seaweed for $1 less than I normally do.

Here is the picture:

Sunday we did our normal Walmart, Safeway loop (sf jello, tomatoes- that's it!) and we also did the WHOLE SALE Superstore in the industrial section where I couldn't remember that brand of food industry salsa that started with an S. It was Sunspun and Yes I GOT IT!!!

It is double the size of the 2 Litre tubs. It is pretty decent. I also had the worst 230am binge yet. I ate about 40 seaweed wrappers folded and dipped into the entire tub of salsa. This has been going on every night and I'm getting DEPRESSED.
Today is superstore for bagged romaine (huge ass bag) and we are going to go see the Korean Horror movie THIRST. It is Monday, and my stomach feels stuffed, pained and undigested from yesterday, and my head is starting that dull throb. FYI Don't even by Superstore brand Exact Tylenol. It sucks!!!

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