Monday, September 14, 2009

Migrained Monday

Sprinkles mixed in Sugar Free Syrup (Davinci B52 and Sbux sf Vanilla), with jello on top. I microwaved this for 33sec until all the syrup was absorbed. So good hot. I ate about 6 bowls of this.
Another shot of the Ghetto Salsa at another Superstore. I bought 4 (2 on Sat and 2 yesterday) and I ate them all. We are talking the JUGS up top- NOT the jars.

This I had to post because I found it too funny. I was a liquidation world (don't ask). It looks and sounds dirtier than when you spell it with a 'C'. Don't you agree?

I woke up today at 3am and started eating seaweed. Had a HUGE headache, and since 3 extra strength Tylenol did nothing, I figured looking at blogs and eating would. I woke up with headache, and distended stomach. Went to the gym look pregnant, cancelled work, binged on seaweed and salsa again (with my lunch) and freaked out, gave my seaweed to the landlady for safe keeping, and went to the theatre to see Tyler Perry's newest movie ' I Can Do Bad All By Myself'. I love 'soul movies' , they are so unique as compared to other movies. Even when dealing with the same subjects, you can see such a huge difference. They have soul!! lol. I enjoyed it a lot.
I was chewing on my 3rd pack of gum from stress during the movie, and was so bloated that people were staring at me. I looked 9 months pregnant, and about six ppl asked when I was due! It was so uncomfortable. I am not exaggerating in the least. I went to the Zeller's to look at something, and it hurt to walk. My JACKET (ie. LOOSE spring jacket) was stretched tight. It was humiliating walking through the mall. I grabbed 2 huge containers of Steak Seasoning from Zellers, and waddled to Chapters to wait for the shuttle that would take me to the train station. I was so glad to get home.
I am going to go watch Oprah's Whitney Houston interview now. 1 minute. I love WHITNEY!!!
Update: GUYS! OPRAH ISN'T ON! The Tennis matches are on instead! WTF!!?? I've been waiting for this for so long. She is always on my time @ 5pm. In the TV Guide it has her scheduled today. I am so angry! I officially HATE tennis right now.
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