Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day Maddness

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, as you may have noticed from this mornings post about the last 2 days. I got home from the gym (54min=522 cal/5.47m) and ate quickly because my friend was picking me up. We decided to go check out an Asian market I hadn't been to yet:
We still have many ethnic stores to go to. Next week we are doing Lambda's and Lucky (Asian). I found my tofu shiritaki there but now much else. We then went to see the new and well reviewed Korean horror movie 'Thirst'. I love foreign, and intelligent movies. This movie was not scary, smart or interesting. It got rave reviews, so I am confused. We left halfway through. Beside the indie theatre the book store was having a side walk sale and my friend bought me Mo Hayder's "The Ritual" which I have been dying to read! We drank the tropical fruit flavor of Fuze Shape while going to a new Superstore. We decided to stop at the London Drugs' in the area because I had been kicking myself for not buying the mini pocket sized digital Salter scale the day before. They are so hard to find, and I walked away from purchasing it yesterday.
He bought it for me as a gift!!! It is so cute, tiny and accurate up to 250g. I have the $100 Salter Nutritional Scale at home, but this is so convenient to carry around with me:

I was one happy girl. Can't wait until FRIDAY!!! It may be a bit premature, but I need a vacation. FIVE MORE DAY'S until the weekend!!!!

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