Friday, October 9, 2009

Freezing Friday!


It is F*#$ing FREEZING and snowing. I don't mean idyllic flakes slowly drifting to the ground, "snow flakes that fall on my nose and eyelashes', type of snow. No. I mean I am getting pellets shooting at me that are icy and coming down faster than rain.

It is days like this that I must ask myself: 'Where is this global warming we are all talking about'? Everyone is in winter jackets, mits, hats, scarves etc. If I had long johns, I would break them out.

After seeing my therapist and a psychiatrist ( he was nicer this time, and didn't TEXT ON HIS BLACKBERRY during our session) I wandered over to Kay's Food Market, and left with an over priced bottle of Real Lemon Juice, 2 jars of pickles, AND this platter/dip or soup/salad bowl. $10! Not needed, but I envisioned my Salsa and Seaweed or Veggies or Crackers and fell in love. Or Tuna, pasta and accouterments!
The mini bowl is attached to the big one. Glued on.

I have been really stressed and addicted to certain foods. My GG Scandinavian Crisp Bread. I still count them as 32kcal per, not 12. I understand the roll of fiber, but we do absorb some of it through our intestines where the bacteria break it down. Furthermore, 7g of Carbs= 28cal. 1g of protein is 4kcal= 32 calories. There us 4g of fat per 100g (I'm in contact with the company) because they do different packaging in the States/Canada than in Europe. So 0.4g of Fat per slice which is 3.6calories+32cal= 35.6calories. Anyways, I've always been able to stop eating after dinner, but now I eat 2-3 PACKS of crackers doused in SF syrup and microwaved until is all hot and cereal/creamo like. Then 30+ seaweed wrapped dipper in Salsa. This is AFTER dinner. And usually a head of romaine dipped in Salsa. No wonder I am GAINING WEIGHT!

Off to the gym.

Have a fantastic Friday.
UPDATE: Workout was good this morning, and I stayed calm through work. Ate my heart out from the second I got home. After dinner I ate the remaining 1/2 of my 1360GRAM 11 serving bulk bag of Coleslaw with salsa and blueberry jam on top, and 6 bran crackers. I also had a pre dinner snack which consisted on 1 cucumber, coleslaw (170g) apple spread, and crystal light with lemon juice on top. 33 big sheets of seaweed, tuna, 505g of romaine lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper, 460g of Coleslaw, 2 cans of yellow wax cut beans, and a pack of 231g shirataki noodles. Obviously I'm dealing with some stress, hurt.... major pain and issues. Here is a picture of the coleslaw cucumber crystal light concoction pre dinner:

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