Saturday, October 31, 2009


Bad start to the day; whomever was supposed to open the gym DIDN'T SHOW UP! I waited for an hour, and then started to feel really nauseous from all the pre-workout stuff I took, went home and dry heaved. UGH. I then had 3 servings of Amazing Grass Superfoods Chocolate, followed by another 3, followed by 4, and another 3 made into puddings. I couldn't stop- so good and I was SO STRESSED and ANXIOUS:

I was a wreck. Went to see Paranormal Activity with my friend (good movie- except for the fact that they STAYED in the freaking house?! WTF!! I'd be at the nearest Four Season's until the Demon Dr. can come. Who goes back to sleep in their room when they know it's haunted). I got the Slatkin and Co Lilac spray, Duwops Lip Venom in Lacana (I want their limited edition Twilight line in Kindle), bought tons of groceries @ Superstore ( canned wax beans, 5 bags Romaine from Dole, 3 huge bags of Dole Colorful Coleslaw, 2 340g bags of broccoli slaw, 2 tubs of salsa, tea and lemon juice).

Here is DINNER:

I had 31.5 sheets of Nori, romaine, broccoli slaw, tomato, green onion, 3 cans of wax beans, Goldseal Smoked Light Tuna in Water, seasoning, salsa. I didn't have any GG Scandinavian Crispbreads, because of this morning's Superfood Amazing Grass binge.

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