Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last night around 10:45 I started to feel queasy and lightheaded. I ended up getting out of bed and having 107g of Salad with salsa, and a peeled chopped cucumber with my jello, crystal light, cinnamon, lemon, sweetener etc. I felt better after.

I am heading to the gym in 10min; just woke up. I NEVER sleep in but the Gravol's made me so groggy. I kept getting up to go to the bathroom, falling asleep, waking up and just lying in bed... I also am out of my favorite thermo's so I'm going to sample something different today.

It's raining and windy outside- LOVE!! Ankle is still sore and it's spreading up my leg to my knee. Feels like a stress fracture, or IT Band/ACL injury. I hope it's not the latter!

UPDATE: Had a good workout- did Tabata's the last ten minutes and killed myself! I had 2 sugar free wine gums walking home, 1 pack amazing grass berry, 1 packet amazing grass natural, and 1 packet organic wheat grass mixed into a thick paste with Davinci Sugar Free strawberry syrup! So good!

This was lunch: Rest of coleslaw, can of tuna, romaine, can of waxed beans, bbq sauce (Walden Farms):

Going to see Cirque de Freak:Vampire's Assistant this afternoon

Update: Movie was fun- except my friend was so sick he literally had to lay down on the chairs and was too sick to move. Here is dinner:

Followed by my GG Scandinavian crisp/sugar free syrup, cinnamon, pgx, jello and sf spread concoction- nice a hot out of the microwave:

I am now listening to Rihanna's new single "Russian Roulette' and love it! I can relate in a big way. Have a great Saturday night!

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