Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still not Friday (aka Thursday)

I am sick. As in my weekend buddy that was on antibiotics, half dead, and coughing like crazy with the worst sore throat in history.... got me sick. So far I have that induced cough where you can't stop coughing and constantly feel compelled to do so. Like there's a constant tickle in your chest. IT started yesterday- which is strange, because he is on the mend and I was fine Tuesday... Either way, I've been loading up on CanPrev's Immuno-Pro Formula (love CanPrev) and other antioxidants.

I feel really gross this morning- more from undigested food sitting in my stomach making me feel distended, pregnant, full and over all GROSS!!

Friday I am going to go see the Michael Jackson movie just because. :)
I thought it was just his concert until I saw the previews, and it actually looks more like an 'expose' documentary about the man. Since it's only out for a week or so, I thought I might as well.

At the gym I did my standard 54 min on the elliptical which equated to: 522cal and 5.52miles.

Lunch was my standard tuna, coleslaw, and canned beans. Today was payday- which has been causing anxiety because I hardly worked for the past 2 weeks. I got more than I thought I'd get (yay) however, after I paid bills (cable, cell, and owed family $$) I was left with nothing! I still have to finish paying rent, so that leaves me with about $100 for 2 weeks! I have to buy a birthday present for my little sister (most important person in the world to me) and pay my friend back the $100 he lent me for groceries last week. STRESS. CANNOT BE SICK!!!

Work was ok. Left early due to being sick, headed home, ate, lay down and headed to my psychiatrist appointment where I got a prescription for anti anxiety meds.


This was eaten with 31 sheets of seaweed (ten with dinner) and the rest eaten with 1/2 a jug of salsa (dipped in/scoopage) and 5 GG Bran Crisps. I now have the beginnings of a killer headache... I hope this goes away by tomorrow morning!

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