Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday- aka 4 days until Friday

I'm headed to the gym to see if it will help my headache- which is dull and gnawing away at my sanity bit by bit. These headaches and migraines are literally going to kill me if the stress/anxiety doesn't. I thought I'd start this post off with a little bit of floral loveliness. My friend grabbed these for me as a surprise Sunday:

Excuse the cluttered mess in backgroud.

Yesterday I saw "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE'. FANTASTIC. THIS IS NOT A KIDS MOVIE. The music was beautiful, and emotive. Definitely props to the music/score person. It was so well done, and Max was adorable. It was a stripped down, no overdone CGI graphics action movie. Just about feelings, loneliness, how we deal with hurt ect. Very powerful. Beautiful stirring touching movie. I am saving Paranormal Activity for Halloween (seems appropriate, no?).

I picked up 2 more El Molino Salsa's after the movie, and 4 cans Tuna! I Salsa tub is already gone, as is 3/4 of a 2L one!!! I feel emotionally drained. I have a client this afternoon- so wish me luck!!!!

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