Monday, October 19, 2009

I feel so YUCKY this morning. I am going to go see "Where The Wild Things Are" this afternoon with a friend. I am hitting the gym, then work, and then he's picking me up from work @ 230.
Yesterday, I didn't even go to 'my' Sunday Safeway- didn't want to. He was shocked. Instead, we went to the one downtown, by my apartment. I got more tomato's, bell peppers, green onions AND THE RETURN OF MY FAVORITE TUNA EVER!!!! For those of you who aren't aware, I ordered 20 CASES (24 tins per case) of Gold Seal's Smoked Light Tuna in Water a while back, and have been out for about 5 months now. I can't afford the $2.99/tin cost at this point, and I miss them so much. I've been using these for over 6 years- having 2 a day everyday. Also.... SOME NEW SALSA LOVING!!! El Molino Fresh Picante Salsa! I was in Salsa HEAVEN!!! Fresh salsa, how I've missed you! The 900mL size only had mild left, but I'm glad because it had BITE!!!!

This is yesterday's dinner salad:

In the mix: Mann's Broccolislaw, shiritaki noodles, 2 cans of wax beans (one green, one yellow), romaine (about 910grams worth), Goldseal smoked light tuna (love), green onion, vine tomato, red pepper, italian seasoning, s/p, cajun seasoning, WF Thick'n'spicy BBQ sauce, Wf creamy coleslaw dressing, and salsa. I also have 36 Nori Seaweed sheets.

I was so depressed about how much shit I ate at the sugar free place that I didn't even grab my pack of GG Bran Crackers. I already ate a pack @ work along with one too many Atkinson's Chick-o-stick, and peanut butter bars. I also had sugar free Peerless hard candies. Pina colada, green apple, honey dew, fruit punch and watermelon.

Have a lovely day!

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