Thursday, October 22, 2009

THURSDAY forgot to post!

Since I was returning back to work today, I skipped the gym to get rest. I know! Shocking. I also loaded up on Holy Basil, so I wouldn't have an anxiety attack. Work was ok... dull headache, but I'll take that any day! I am 99.9% sure I have a stress fracture on my left foot (ankle) and it's sprained as well. OW!

I ate tons when I got home, but mostly Dole 3 colored Coleslaw mix, seaweed (I portioned 30sheets before I came home) 3 GG Scandinavian Brab Crisps (I took 7.5 with me from the storage place), jello, left overs etc. Healthy stuff.

This was my breakfast:

It was a can of wax beans, coleslaw mix, Admiral Tuna with some Walden Farms' Coleslaw dressing.

This was my lunch snack:

Coleslaw, and a red sweet bell pepper.

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