Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why isn't it Friday already?

Good morning,
I woke up not wanting to go to work today, but I HAVE to. I can't run and hide every time I'm uncomfortable. My plan is to hit the gym, shower (obviously), make through work without an anxiety attack (2pm) and not throttling my co-worker. And not falling apart (reiterating avoiding anxiety attack statement) and hopefully being open to meeting my lawyer friend for tea. I keep avoiding people, because I feel so stressed, panicked, tired, and ugly lately. Mostly just scared and paranoid...

I'm having my raw coleslaw blend, can of wax beans, and tuna at work for breakfast. My goal is to eat more raw foods and veggies (aka less crackers!!). I am out of bell peppers, which presents a problem, but I'll make do.

I have no idea what format I should blog in! Some ppl do a whole day recap @ night, other's in the morning etc. I usually write "updates".
EX. I'm writing in the morning now before gym/work and will update when I get home, and my dinner. I guess I will just 'save draft' and update and then post it all. I just don't know if I should change the tenses (past tense/present) when writing the morning post. Meh. Wish me luck.

Work was ok today! I kept really chill and calm for some reason (Holy Basil). I asked for Wednesday off (for the next couple weeks so I don't get overwhelmed). I am currently waiting for my 'weekend' buddy to drive over and drop off some seaweed and Scandinavian GG Bran Fiber Crisps, because for some odd reason, the apartment office (where I store my stuff in a drawer they let me use) is closed 2 hrs early! I had chocolate SuperGrass with Davinci Gourmet Sugar Free German Chocolate Cake syrup, and a bit of Walden Farms Calorie Free Pancake syrup, a packet of sweet and low, and cinnamon mixed into a ramekin. SO GOOD. Thicker than the paste consistency I normally make, but the pancake syrup gave it a nice texture.

My lunch was 170g Coleslaw, a can of tuna and wax beans (I took this picture after 2/3 were eaten):

After work I met a friend @ Sbux and had a Passion Tea with sugar free vanilla,sweetener, and lemon juice:

Here is dinner, after I had 3 bowls of coleslaw with apricot jam, lemon, jello, and crystal light. It was great.

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