Friday, December 11, 2009

Return of Chocolate "Brownie Batter" aka Amazing Grass Chocolate Super Food mix

I have had the shittiest workouts these past few days. I woke up with crazy muscle HEAT and weakness yesterday and 'slept in' majorly. I got up @ 7:50am. As you recall I am usually ON THE MACHINE AT THE GYM by 7:30am the latest. I literally ran to the gym and was on @ 8am. I could barely move my legs. So tired. Obviously my body was trying to tell me something.

Today was better, but my speed and strength were so low. I did 54min=519cal/5.34m. Was planning and so excited to go see 'Up In The Air' today, but they pushed back the release date! Instead they bumped up Invictus from Xmas day, so I am going to that instead! So excited. I also used my Superfood and finally made some 'Brownie Batter'!!! YUM YUM YUM. I added some PGX granules, psyllium husks for thickness, cinnamon and 3 packets Sweet and Low, and mixed it all with Walden Farms SF
Pancake Syrup and DaVinci SF Irish Cream syrup. Too good to describe.

Lunch was so good! Steamed (microwaved) zucchini and radish, the rest I cut up and ate raw and spiralized the Zucchini. Green beans seasoned and heated, 455g bag of Coleslaw, Country Italian Walden Farms Dressing, tons of HEAT WAVE Cape Herb and Spice Company grinder, and cucumber!

INVICTUS WAS GOOD!!! Got a beautiful calendar from the Calendar Club! This is always a huge process for me; I always get 2-3 calendars and I need to pick the perfect one. I got Mediterraneana! I also got a wicked glass med size bowl, L'Oreal Carbon Black new Voluminous mascara and tea. We then went to Planet Organic again, and I got another 2 spices from the Cape and Herb Company; Heat Wave (again) and another chicken.

Here is dinner:

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