Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday DECEMBER 1st.... crazy!

Happy December guys!
I can't believe it is already Dec! That's so depressing; where did this year go.

Yesterday I wrote about the new amazing seasonings that I got at Planet Organic. The company is called The Cape Herb & Spice Company, and they have some of the most intriguing sounding spice blends I have ever seen. I am obsessed with their tin rub/seasoning called 'Zest for Life" and was really wanting to try Africa Mama..except a lot of them have sugar in them! Some other ones have poppy seeds, black sesame etc.... Those I CANNOT wait to try. I also got the Heat Wave Grinder, which is really good!!!

I CANNOT even tell you how much I want to crawl back into bed right now. I ate too much, too late, and I feel like my meal hasn't made it through my digestive track whatsoever! I go work today and then am getting picked up by my weekend friend. I am dropping off a bunch of stuff for my family @ their house (stress-hope they're not home and I can just drop it), Super Store for Dole Romaine, radishes and Coleslaw, Community Natural Foods (just because I am AMAZING GRASS SUPERFOODS OBSESSED!) and Safeway.

UPDATE end of day:
I felt 'dead' or numb today. Workout wasn't the easiest. Work was OK, except for my manager being really quiet and not talking to me all day. I majorly binged on Genesis Today's 4Fiber mixed with cinnamon, water, sweet and low, and sugar free vanilla syrup from Starbucks. 165g worth= 646cal/ 23.6g fat. I also had 26g worth of Fibersmart, and my normal chocolate super food.

My friend picked me up and I went to drop off the various goodies etc to my parents house. I feel so bad getting $ to help with my rent, especially since my dad lost his job- but I cannot make ends meet right now. It's a really shitty situation. To make matters worse, they told me that they will no longer pay my gym- can't afford it. That is my life-line, sanity etc. I felt so bad for my dad. He is in such a tough position. I almost cried. I am not even going to get into what my mom did, or tried to pull with her 'hot chocolate' bullshit- I'll save that when I'm less overwhelmed.

After we went to Sobey's, where I got radishes, coleslaw, salsa, and 2 more spices from the Cape Seasoning Company; Italian and Lamb! i got Nature Sweet Cherry tomatoes, flowers, tea (finally found the TANGERINE ORANGE ZINGER!) and Glade freshener spray that smells like coconut/Tiare flower. I also got liquid smoke mesquite, and West Indian hot sauce! I usually can't have them because they all have sugar, but these didn't!

I am so worried about the future.

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