Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weird Wednesday

I am writing this first part at 6:44am and will finish the rest when I get home tonight. Since I've been hanging out with my 'weekend' buddy, I have constantly been coming home later than I want. He will purposely take wrong roads so I'm with him longer. By wrong turns, I mean a good 5-15min detour. I would like to be home by 5-6pm so I can get something done before dinner.

I need a VACATION! I have been saying this for years, but I see this as a better alternative to bouncy walls (aka mental institution) which I am bound to end up with if things do not get less stressful! As a side note: I am PALE. I do not look good in dirty white, nor hospital gown baby blue/brown. So, I'm thinking travel/beach/hammock/palm trees and/or Europe are a MUCH happier alternative. Plus, with a tan I can rock any color! lol. jk.

The plan for today is gym, work, then my 'buddy' is picking me up because we stayed in Sobey's for 2hrs and never went to Superstore (that was a MUST), Safeway, Community Natural Foods, or Planet Organic.

Work was DEAD and due to the new system, MESSED UP. The building has a Bourbon Street in the foot court, and their vents keep breaking- meaning it literally blows all of their carcinogenic fume/smoke into our vents. This time it smoked out the entire 3rd floor. The store was hazy with smoke, and it gave me such a headache and stomach cramps. I left work 1hr later than I was supposed to leave, jumped into my friends' car, and we headed straight to Planet Organic. No Superstore or Safeway today. I got 2 pint of sweet plum tomatoes, snacked on 2 sweet nothing wine gums, pink lady apple slices, and 2 strawberries while browsing. I ended up getting more of the Cape and Herb Spice Company spices/grinders! I got the
SPLASH blend, the OH!ZONE blend and then the Hot Chili Seasoning
There are so many other ones I want to try too! I got another Simply Natural Black Bean & Corn Salsa!

I also got flowers:

< Here is dinner (I FINALLY had my Shirataki Noodles!-I missed them!): a href="">

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