Saturday, December 5, 2009

Had a horrible night, and yet an amazing workout! 54min:530cal/5.83miles.
Had 8 Sweet Nothing SF Black Licorice Cats, and BROWNIE BATTER!

We ended up going to Sobey's because they had Coleslaw 454g bags on sale for $1! I got 5! I also got a wonderful awapuhi/papaya conditioner (Freeman) and found 2 new seasonal lip glosses from Rimmel! Grabbed some Romaine, Salsa, Gum, Radishes, Asparagus, Resistex, Green Onions, Rubbermaid Lock It Tupperware and I got a new big and tall mug, and a square black ceramic bowl I'm going to use for Salsa. I also got some Peri peri sauce, and Mama Choulas!

I got home SUPER late (7:40pm) so I was stressed trying to make dinner etc. We didn't go to Amaranth Natural Foods, Planet Organic, and Community Natural Foods :(

I was so anxious after dinner that I got up @ midnight, went down to my mailbox, grabbed a packet of Protilife Chocolate, ate that, had 2 more seaweed sheets, another 455g bag of radishes, a sweet bell pepper, and 6 jello. I couldn't calm down! Very wired up.

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