Monday, December 7, 2009

I am trying to come up with a 'festive' title for this post, however I am covered in goosebumps, shaking, the the apparent brain freeze I am experiencing is due to the back that IT IS FREEZING! I kid you not, I nearly cried last night when I ran from the grocery store to the car. The icy biting wind was unrelenting. As soon as I got home (1.5hrs later than I wanted to AGAIN) I immediately turned on the kettle for tea, and started on dinner. I discovered this morning that I didn't put 5 bags of radishes away (brain freeze- oops). I had also missed 1/2 of Tori and Dean on Slice. It was a sad moment. I also couldn't feel my feet. I got more Amazing Grass Chocolate Super Foods, and told myself I wouldn't have any....11 servings later.... It's just so yummy. I am kind of depressed over that.

I work with C today- which is the girl that I like, as opposed to my other co-worker, so that makes Monday much more enjoyable.

I am also contemplating buying heated electric underwear. I also think this will be the year that I will bring 'Onesies' or the snowsuit back (as well as the Sexy!). I HATE HATE HATE freezing winter weather. Again, all I can say it Seychelles. What were my parents thinking??!!! ha ha

Gym was GRUELING. I didn't have any bbatter chocolate greensrownie , because I felt so ashamed for having 15 servings last night. I ended up binging on Renew Life's Fibersmart again. I got to stay 2.5hrs longer at work which was good. Here is dinner (unpictured seaweed, salsa, gg crisp, jello and second bowl of salad/broccoli slaw/ grape tomatoes etc):

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