Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I tried to get to bed early, but am so exhausted from these past few months that I couldn't wake up. I was in that foggy exhausted daze. It is 706am now... running late for the gym.
I am trying out a new thermo this morning: The NEW formula of Xenedrine Xtreme FX. I really liked the one they had 3 weeks ago... and then they changed it up and I don't like the formulation as much anymore. I am going to test it out and see.

I miss the original Cytolean from Gaspari. I have been leaving my phone on vibrate or silent 'preventatively' so I don't have to deal with S. I have got to figure this out. Work was DEAD yesterday and I made so little money $18... That is more stress. But other than that, I am happy. Very blessed and grateful for what I have!!

I packed a bag (340g) of broccoli slaw, a can of green whole beans, 2 bags of radishes (455g each)and some WF dressing packets I had laying around. I will update later.

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