Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making it work- great chill day!

I am quite proud of myself today, in that I was able to slow down and really change my mood and have a great day! I was up early and felt really off. I made an effort to smile at people and talk to them. I talked to the awesome ex-military security @ the gym (it's in a corporate oil and gas firm building) and my favorite trainer (who quit) was there this morning! I did 55min watching Will and Grace reruns, Flavor Wave Oven Turbo infomercials as well as zoning out and de-stressing. After I took my time enjoying the gorgeous sun and weather! Hello Vitamin D withdrawal- How I've missed you!
I ate an unpictured EGG CAKE, radishes, mushrooms, celery, and a killer Cookie Dough/Batter/Protein Sludge made with
 Pro Performance Elite Whey Isoburst French Vanilla Protein

Sweet and low.

I also had my Tropical Cucumber! 1 huge cucumber, sugar free drink mix (I used the tropical pineapple president's choice brand), lemon juice, sweetener, jello!

I got ready and headed out with my 'weekend' friend. First stop was Whole Sale Superstore for radishes. FAIL again- spores, moldy..... always the case. Have to hit up the other store tomorrow!
I DID get another HUGE Sunspun Yellow Mustard and a 10 pack of Juicy Fruit Pineapple Orange gum.
We decided to be immature and get the huge cart for out mini purchase:

Next we hit up our Superstore and I ended up getting 6 Dole Chopped Romaine 907g bags,
6 350gram cauliflower cut bags, ANOTHER 12 packs of gum, 2 Walden Farms Strawberry jams, 2 French's Bold'n'spicy mustard's, 1 PC gourmet whole grain mustard, 30 cans of cut wax beans (15 yellow, 15 asparagus style green), 3 Litre Salsa, light bulbs etc.
We made a quick pit stop at the place I pick up the PGX granules to grab an extra, and my friend ran to the used book store and bought me the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book (sentimental value) I read as a surprise!

Last stop was COSTCO! Celery, samples, mushrooms, and ANOTHER huge French's Mustard, a new HUGE organic spice blend bottle, 3 pack of Nature's Best Egg Whites,  a 24 pack of Talking Rain beverages and as a surprise the gorgeous ITALIAN OPERA CD SET I've been lusting over!

My interesting way of getting this into the apartment (I had 2 HUGE reusable grocery bags ON EACH shoulder totalling 4 bags packed with the romaine, cauliflower, etc).

 Imagine this times 2. The bottom was crammed with cans of the green beans, salsa, mustard's, gum etc.

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