Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waiting out Wednesday part 2...

After changing my mind 10x (wanted to go see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie, Robin Hood, The Ocean, How To Train A Dragon- go make my business cards, shop, go to Planet Organic etc) I finally told my friend to come get me.
He was so nice and brought me a little stuffed elephant and flowers to cheer me up:

I ended up going to create a business card (too many options but I made headway) and to Planet Organic!
Here are some pictures of what I saw:

No I did not run off with the entire sample basket this time... mostly because there wasn't a basket. The dips were AMAZING- Tzaziki, Red Pepper Hummus and Regular Hummus!
I am so glad I recommended this to Heather and she 'spread the word'! Seriously, these

The AMAZINGGenesis Today Products (top 2 shelves)! I am on a product training about a few of their products tonight. This isn't their full line- just juices. Raw, beyond organic, never processed, pristine! I use their4Fiber, 4Digestion, 4Energy and 4Total Nutrition and 4 Total Cleanse all the time!

Best Gum thickening blend ever!

This is the cleanse I am doing now.

Favorite Seasoning salt!

My favorite spices and seasonings to date!

I ended up getting my New Roots Ultra Acidophilus!

Last quick stop was Walmart, where I got their GHETTO mustard, the new STRIDE MYSTERY GUM  (as I already mentioned-it is NOT a mystery, it is RAINBOW SHERBET) and 6 packs of ready to eat sugar free jello cups:

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