Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Recap (aka Mutant tomatoes on STEROIDS take 2)

I think I'm going to make this post more visual. Sunday went well (Superstore exchange was a FAIL- 3 locations had NO 4count bags of the Red Bell Peppers I was exchanging- they were so moldy it was dripping!) so I got my money instead. Wholesale Superstore was also a fail- the 2 boxes of radishes they had were molding. We called the other location and headed over later in the day. I did however get a HUGE SUNSPUN 'AS BIG AS MY HEAD' YELLOW MUSTARD:

I also got mini speakers  for my lap top so I can listen to my 'Personal Improvement' audio and actually HEAR what the person is saying. I got these for super cheap from Memory Express!

I did get the new Jackie Warner Book @ Superstore!

 As we tooled the store I spotted what I refer to as 'The World's Most Useless Invention" aka Wire Toaster hooks. Seriously??!!

Safeway was a success. The floral department (as expected) was BUSY! It had started to rain lightly just as we arrived!

I picked up 2 cans of Gold Seal Smoked Light Tuna in Water, celery, green onions, more MUSHROOMS ( 1.475kg worth!) Tomatoes, 7 red bell peppers, Safeway Brand Diet Ginger ale and another 12pack sleeve of Crystal Light!

Next stop (as always) was Community Natural Foods for MUSTARD!!!

I finally took a better picture for you guys- so you can see my AMAZING mustard!
This is the Life Source Stoneground mustard! Note how it is the LAST ONE!? It's that good!
It's the Organic Wheat/Gluten Free Stoneground Prepared Mustard! TO DIE FOR!

Here is the other one I got:

I also got SO 'BLOGGER' excited when I saw these! They've had them for awhile, but it's just funny seeing something after you've been seeing them on EVERY ONE'S blog (love this girl!)!!!
I also had a little moment of pride when I saw these (I got them brought into the city and store!)
I got 3 Zevia's. Twist (lemon lime),Ginger ale and another Ginger Root beer!

Last stop was meant to be the Korean Market for myKikkoman Low Sodium Soy Sauce big bottle. It's the ONLY place I've been able to find that one in a larger bottle! They have huge bottles of regular Soy Sauce everywhere, but only sell the low sodium one in the small 300ml bottle!
Needless to say... THEY WERE OUT! So we headed to Co-op and grabbed 2 TINY bottles for $3.79 EACH! FYI the low sodium one is always more expensive! I think it should be LESS expensive as technically I am saving them $ and sodium! It contains less! It's like BEER vs DeAlcoholized Beer! Yes? Unless it's Low Carb Beer...and then that is just more expensive! Point being, the Korean Market sells the bigger one for $5.19.
 While at Co-op we also checked out their produce. They truly have the BEST produce there! Which is why they charge such outrageous prices! They restocked theBroccoli Flower! This picture does not do it justice (in terms of its bright almost neon shade of green)

I tried to put it by the celery to illustrate it's inherent 'Greenness' but my cell phone and lighting messed it up!
 I also had to check to see if they still had the Steroid Enhanced MUTANT TOMATOES I mentioned in this post.
Well....they DID!

As if this is Natural!

Got home, made dinner, attempted to cram all food into fridge (FAIL) and watched Dateline,60 Minutes, Celebrity Apprentice, Shear Genius, Joy Behar show, GOSSIP Girl, and Sober House simultaneously!

"When we approach everything we do in life with a sense of nurturing, everything becomes new to us again as it is seen in a new light. Life's tasks become less mundane and more meaningful as we move into a state of being present with the task at hand."

Madisyn Taylor

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  1. Ooh WOW those are the hugest tomatoes I've ever seen! The biggest ones we ever get here are slightly smaller than a tennis ball and they are hardly ever juicy. =(

    Nat xoxo