Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday's Cookie Dough and revelation

 I am now 100% convinced my 'weekend' friend isn't sincere in his intentions toward me. He is never happy if I go out with other people and ignores all comments on them. When I try to share something that I am excited about or did without him he changes the subject and stays silent. I texted him about my victory over my hard water stain and wrote:

 "Me:1/Hard water stain 0!!! Buckley's pm 1/me 0! It kicked my ass! I went out for a bit last night and fell asleep in PUBLIC! lol".

I knew he wouldn't respond. About 6min passed and finally he wrote : "Glad you got your stain out; what time am I picking you up". He is in it for his own interest, not sincere, manipulative, pathetic and a toxic person who brings me down.

Gym this morning was 55min: 535cal/5.85miles. I had 2 480g bags of radishes, a HUGE peeled cucumber with Crystal Light's new Acai Peach packet, lemon juice and sweetener, 210g or mushrooms, 335g of romaine, 350g of microwaved cauliflower ( until mushy) with soy, mustard, and Walden Farm's Asian dressing:

Now I am about to make a repeat of yesterday's ORGASMIC BROWNIE BATTER/COOKIE DOUGH! This time I used:
- 26.5g Fibersmart by Renewlife
-sweet and low

I love the Chocolate Fudge flavor. It is a thinner protein, but the taste is really good. They have a fabulous Cafe Brazil too!

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