Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Set Back.....

Hey Guys,
I have been on this 'Change your thoughts/mind, Change you life' kick- and it has really elevated my mood to a new level. However, yesterday I let some one's comment get to me, and this morning I woke up with that icky feeling in my stomach. Apparently, after I left work yesterday my manager hired another girl. I do not want to go into details, but I am SO sick of this. Too many people, different personalities, and NOBODY makes as much $$$$. I guess what hurt the most was that after working my a$$ off last week, I still feel like I wasn't enough.... that feeds into my mentality and biggest fear. I know he is needing someone who is willing to close later and weekends etc, but inevitably he always schedules them during my shifts, or GIVES them my shifts so they can make money too. I know I shouldn't focus on this, and anticipate the worst. Since my co-worker texted me (smugly, might I add) I felt my stomach turn over and I have been feeling like I am going to vomit ever since.  Butterflies (of the unpleasant variety- moths?)... Part of me wants to curl up, stay home and hide. I realize this doesn't solve anything. I just needed a place to vent.

On the + side, I picked up an extra tub of PGX Granules, HOLY BASIL, a book (Chicken Soup- it's uplifting and what I need right now), mushrooms, and The Keg's Seasoning Salt.


  1. I love devotional books. Chicken soups never get old

  2. I'm sorry you are such difficulties at work. I'm having some serious issues with my manager and it sounds like some of the issues are similar...hours being cut, poor staffing, etc. hang in there and if need be it might help to at least get some applications as a back up.

  3. Ugh it is just terrible when work is stressful because that's where we spend the majority of our time! Hang in there babe!