Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday and Sunday recap

I started writing this Monday:
What started as a potentially nice day somehow got the best of me. Or I let it. I am really struggling friends. I don't know what it was, but TRY AS I MIGHT I could not find the stay power to turn things around. I ended up leaving work, avoiding uncomfortable conversation, majorly over-eating to the point I felt sick and feel overwhelmed. Where did this suddenly come from? I think I need sleep and a holiday. My friend is on his way to grab me to go to Planet Organic and maybe Iron Man 2. I don't really feel like seeing it NOW but need to get out.
Let's start from Sunday:

 I went to the T&T's to load up on SOY SAUCE and my Watson Shiritaki Noodles (20 noodles, 1 jug of lite soy) and also left with 2 packs of this awesome GRAPE AND HONEY MELON sugar free gum! I also got to cute kids stir spoons with Monkey's on them!

24 packs of Shirataki noodles.

Sugar Free Grape AND Honey Melon Gum

My Gum, monkey spoons all on a sheet of Nori. I'm classy like that!

I had to take a picture. Essence of Chicken? With Cordyceps. I use Cordyceps (mushroom for energy and stamina)... I found this so funny for some reason.

We made it to the 'wholesale place' to grab my radishes and I found this SUNSPUN huge tuna can funny. It looks SOO GHETTO!! Ocean's looks so nice as compared to their packaging.

Walmart was a FAIL- they had NO MANN'S produce packs at all. No Rainbow Coleslaw, Broccoli Slaw, Broccoli and Cauli etc. I got a White Board and found the LAST PACK OF THE NEW STRIDE MYSTERY GUM IN THE STORE!!! IT tastes like RAINBOW Sherbet!!!

After we went to Safeway, where I got more Crystal Light, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Tuna, Green Onions etc.
Last stop was Arirang (Korean Market) for Seaweed 100sheet packs and Community Natural Foods for MUSTARD!!!!! (YES I HAVE A SEVERE PROBLEM! ha ha)

This morning I had my first 'stress binge' in a LONG time. I realize it was 'only' Egg Cakes ( psyllium, egg whites, sweet and low, cinnamon and microwave for 1 min) but I literally went through a whole container of egg whites. I slathered them in Walden Farms Sugar Free Jam, and Walden Farms Pancake Syrup.

 This takes us to the top of this post *today.

We ended up x-naying Iron Man and went to Chapters' where I got my lap top upgraded to 1.215 GB, new virus protection and 3 books! I don't often talk about books on this blog but I am an AVID reader. I found a book I had on my wish list since I saw it reviewed on the Globe and Mail Saturday Edition a long time ago!! I happened to look down (totally forgot about the book!) and it was in clearance for $6.99 from $26.99 because it was hard cover (Novel About My Wife by Emily Perkins)! I also got the LAW OF ATTRACTION on CD, and Maarten J Troost's 'The Sex Lives Of Cannibal's" (it's not what you think- travel literature). YAY. I also did a quick Superstore run, where I grabbed a 4pack of Red Bell Peppers, THREE WALDEN FARMS CALORIE FREE STRAWBERRY JAMS AND 1 WALDEN FARMS CHOCOLATE DIP! I ALSO FINALLY GOT THE NEW SALSA!!
Not sure if you guys remember me whining about how I LOVE their new Extra Chunky President's Choice Salsa, but the NEW RECIPE (sans sugar) only came in the small jars. Every week I would check to see if the new ones were out in the JUGS (1.89L) but they kept replenishing the old ones. Monday they finally had BOTH (it wasn't there on Sunday!):

After that excitement we booked it to Costco to grab another pack of Celery!
These are the AMAZING spices/seasonings I was tell you guys about on Saturday. They are by Aromatica Organic's the new ones they added to Costco are (so far): Vegetable, Seafood, and Garlic Pepper!

I am getting the Vegetable Seasoning Next!
Very Exciting- I decided to grab the Grape Flavoured UnderWAY!
Mock me all you want- no I do not believe it will make me 'lose weight' nor am I convinced of the web sites founder's HERO FIBER. Check it out HERE. http://www.under-way.com/ What I like is that it tastes like a melted grape Popsicle- thick. It's thickened with Vegetable Glycerin and I admit it really helped hydrate me! It is not watery at all. REVIEW TO COME!

That concludes Monday. I did stop at Safeway and get 4 Mann's Broccoli Slaw's and 2 rain checks because they were out of stock and on sale for $0.99!!

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  1. major bulk sale; I'm all about the huge thing of salsa! you know those ethnic items are legit when there is no English on the label anywhere!