Monday, November 30, 2009


Felt really sick after the gym this morning and before it. 55min 533cal/5.56miles. Had the BEST Amazing Grass Chocolate super food (aka Brownie Batter) today- since I felt to yucky, I had it with some of the GG brancrisps!
I was feeling so ill after my workout (so hot) that I heard pounding in my ears. I had the best Amazing Grass Chocolate SuperFoods with 2GG Scandinavian Bran Crisps (1 microwaved with syrup, cinnamon, and pgx granules, the other crumbled):


Followed by lunch and an unpictured jello/crystal light, lemon juice, cucumber salad:

Went to see Ninja Assasin, got 4 books!!! and went to Planet Organic where I got 3 new seasonings! The organic cape town earth fire, the 'zest for life' and a really good seasoning salt with coriander etc, green curry paste, a new sugar free energy drink and 12oz (1pint) grape tomatoes which I ate on the ride home.

Dinner was AMAZING:

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