Saturday, April 17, 2010

Confessions of a S.S.U.F

Confessions of a Stressed Single Urban Female:

Good morning beautiful bloggy friends!
If you've read my last post, you know that I am NOT doing so well. I need to clear my head and just have some quiet. I had what was the worst anxiety attack of my life Thursday night, and truly have felt 'in a fog' since. I think something broke in me. Friday felt truly surreal. In a daze. I thought I was having a heart attack, and the event that caused it has damaged my heart on so many levels. Let's just say that technology isn't always great, and sometimes NOT knowing really is better. I may write about that later, but for today I will write a more practical/humorous note on Multitasking! Thank you so much to APRIL and KRISTINA for the comments. I teared up reading them and THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH! You warmed my heart! You are both so beautiful! THANK YOU!

I thought I'd share with you my 'latest' coping methods and musings on life.

1. Multitasking- Admit it- we've ALL done it: Doing multiple things at once in order to cut time/cost and get as much done. Specifically: Cleaning your bathtub during showering-also know as the '2 in 1 wash method'.

I, no long being an amatuer, have perfected this art and have raised the bar of effiency/multitasking to a more advanced level: I call it the 'Doing my laundry while washing' or alternately " I'm too lazy to do my laundry and shower" or 'Too lazy to take my clothes off and shower' "all in one wash' or 'time cutters bathtub/body/clothing wash'. This not only saves energy, and time; but water usage as well! Also, it saves money as I do not need to pay $2 a load in my apartment (thus freeing up the washing machines for other ppl- making me a very good Samaritan/generous tenant and do gooder).

HOWEVER, since I am rarely home, I have recently taken this 'art form' to a whole new level in MICROMANAGEMENT . I have cut out 2 entire steps from the 3 step process, thus utilizing maximum multitasking efficiency and minimizing time/effort ( energy exerted). I feel I need to create a mathematical equation for this to show my brilliance. This is the ULTIMATE TIME SOLVER:

I shower at the gym. This causes me to NOT use water at home, not need to wash my bathtub as it is NEVER used. Recently (by way of tshirt accidentally falling into the shower with me) I have circumvented all effort needed. On weekends (or some days after work), I wash my yoga pants and tshirts while I am showering! To review: This saves me 1.time 2. energy/effort 3. water usage (I don't pay for the washing machine OR SOAP) 5.environment as i am NOT using the washer or dryer

6. It makes me 'green' because I AIR dry! 7. No need to use my bathtub/shower thus not making washing it neccessary which circles back to #1-TIME! YES, I AM GENIUS.

Yesterday I washed my spring jacket. It looks nice and black and new now! I am feeling a little smug and slightly pleased with myself. Is this wrong?? It's not like I intend to bring loads or anything- just the grimy sweaty t-shirts of the day. Yes, I am smug... lol

Please do not think less of me....

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