Monday, April 12, 2010

SUNDAY recap:Zevia, Ice Cream, cakes, mushrooms, groceries...

This brings us to Sunday! If you have just finished reading my Saturday recap, you'll see that I ended off with another FABULOUS blueberry/strawberry vanilla ice cream shake! I figure that was a good place to pick up again as Sunday morning (feeling so depressed!) I had another one post workout along with the best Protein Cake EVER! Get ready for food porn, because I even made myself jealous:

Do you guys see how CREAMY and glossy and 'whipped' fluffy it is?????

I used Chocolate Protilife Shake pack, PGX granules, ice, cinnamon, Davinci SF Cookie Dough syrup, Walden Farms sf Pancake syrup and sweet and low! I was getting my router fixed, so I let it sit for about 5 minutes before I blended again. Hence the AIR-INESS!!! DROOL!

I drizzled this on what was left of my protein cake (Allmax Isoflex Chocolate, psyllium, baking soda, cinnamon, Davinci sf Cookie dough, Walden Farms Pancake syrup, and microwaved):


After this my friend picked me up and we headed to Planet Organic!

I am PROUD TO SAY THAT I PERSONALLY GOT ZEVIA BROUGHT INTO ALBERTA! I saw this at Planet Organic and actually screamed with joy.OUT LOUD! I also got Amazing Grass Super Foods brought into my province (this was awhile ago)! Yes, these rate as some of my proudest achievements! I was never notified that they had in fact brought the Zevia in! It was like Christmas! lol

I got the last Ginger Root Beer and my friend also got the Black Cherry! I got my New RootsUltra Acidophilus and more mustard (naturally)!

Next stop was COSTCO (I feel like it should be spelled BIG) where I got the HUGE FRENCH'S Mustard (3L size- picture is at the end) and 2 packs of 1.5kg pre-washed/cut celery hearts! After that we ran to the Superstore so I could grab that Wholegrain Dijon I raved about from President's Choice brand... (again, picture is at the end).

We finally made our way to Safeway, where I got 4 cucumbers, 4 more bags of Radishes, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Red Bell Peppers, Green Onions, Goldseal Smoked Light Tuna, VH canned Bean Sprouts, MUSHROOMS (wait until you see the picture) and another 12 pack sleeve of Crystal Light pitcher packs. I was super disappointed when they didn't have the new Dark Cherry Pom flavor that all the other Safeway's have in! I grabbed TangerineGrapefruit instead. I also got a SHIT LOAD of mushrooms!

Check out my mushrooms! It wouldn't even fit into 1 bag so we had to stick another one over it in the opposite direction so they wouldn't fall out!

I ran to the bathroom and captured this 'diddy' on my way out. CAMO is a running joke with my friend and I (as in HATE IT. Wtf- who wears it? Especially cow camo) and we spend our weekends 'camo' hunting. These plates have been here for about 1 month. He said next week he is buying them for me:

The last stop was back to COMMUNITY NATURAL FOODS so I could grab my Future Formulations Forte Digestive Formula. The BEST one I've EVER used! And believe me- I've tried hundreds! This is not only high in terms of 'weight' but enzyme activity (picture is at the end too...sorry guys) and MORE MUSTARD! This is the 'new' Simply Natural Organic Dijon. I wanted to grab my normal Life Source Organic Stoneground mustard, but changed it up!

I saw these 'plant your own' gift start up planter packs at the checkout! They had everything from cauliflower, radishes, broc, asparagus, GARLIC, onions etc. Love it!

Here is a recap of some fun purchases of the weekend (keep in mind most aren't pictured):
Above Picture From left to right:

Top row: Kaede 100sheet seaweed pack,Ginger Rootbeer Zevia, 3L French's Yellow Mustard, Sobey's Medium Chunky Salsa on top of French's, 2L Medium Salsa jug.

Front row L-R: Kikkoman Low Sodium Soy Sauce, Future Formulations Digestion Formula Forte, Johnny's Seafood Seasoning, Johnny's Seasoned Seasalt, PC Wholegrain Dijon, New Roots Acidophilus (on top of mustard) and Bold'n'Spicy French's squeeze bottle. This brings us to today! Friends, it is SNOWING! I seriously questioned my sanity when I stepped outside this morning. Work was okay. I was in a good mood for no apparent reason. My boss was...his normal ignore me/no eye contact self. I've been eating since I got home NON STOP (1 pack of GG Brancrisps, 500g celery, 500g mushrooms, a bag of cauliflower etc) and now don't know what to have for dinner... I also had a protein cake that was 'over baking soda-d" and therefore was rubbery/salty.

Have a GREAT week!


  1. Oh man.. your creations lok so good! I"m so jealous of all your flavored syrups! Mmmm..

  2. Thanks for the product reviews and updates!