Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday morning indecision

 I don't think I've mentioned it, but for some stupid reason, my gym decided to close today due to electrical repairs in the building. I have prayed so many times that they close, so I don't feel guilty for not going... Well, I am kind of panicking now. My calves are so strained, that running makes me fall over. I am ruminating over what to do. It is so funny how I limit myself. It is gorgeous out- why don't I go run outside??!! Because I'm a creature of habit, a 'what if-er', a control freak and I'm also lazy (ha ha). I could do one of the various workout video's I have (Kathy Smith Kickboxing anyone?), go to another gym, or go to my building's "Fitness Facility" (aka closet sized room with a treadmill from the 1980' joke). Instead I am paralyzed by fear. I think my body needs a break, and I NEED to up my protein, but I really want to go do something active. I could even WALK, but something is stopping me. Urgh. I am currently drinking Xenergy Mango Guava and going to go to the Rec room...
Yes, that is my drink on top of my new 'desk sized calendar' (aka being used as a table cloth to keep desk clean), with my paper work strewn all around.

What do you guys want to see reviewed? I actually am a Nutrition and Supplement Consultant, so I have almost tried everything, heard of everything, am 'in the know' or know people who have used something.
Give me some ideas!


  1. Spell check is such a lifesaver! I feel like such a moron after I've clicked on that little check mark and everyother word is highlighted. I know that I am not a bad speller. I think I'll just blame my laptop....

    No luck on the SUper Noodles, but to be honest, I have forgotten to look! I am almost out of dates and in need of some Cream of Wheat which means a trip to both of the stores that might have it! I will definitely poke around a bit to see what I can (hopefully) find!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I have the control thing going on too. I hate when by little routine get messed up.
    Can you review some supplements? How about something that gives you natural energy. Do you take any vitamins?

    Oh P.S the reason I have only one post on my blog is because I can NOT spell to save my life. Spell check can't even help me. So I don't think it would be worth it to blog. I have to triple check everything I write down. I did manage to obtain honor roll through high school and college. I have earned two degrees from a very hard, private college. I don't know how I did it. I had to get people to check over my grammar on all the papers I turned in. One of my professors asked me if I was dyslexic. Lol.