Monday, April 12, 2010

Saturday recap, protein cake, ice cream...oh my!

Wow- where did the weekend go??? I am writing this up MONDAY and have so many pictures to share of both Saturday and Sunday. I'll keep Saturday quick! After I posted about my workout/mushroom love, I made BLUEBERRY STRAWBERRY ice cream! TO. DIE.FOR! The only thing that was missing was the 'tang' of the berries! FOOD PORN!

This is the Magic Bullet Blender creamy

This was made with a packet of Protilife Vanilla Shake mix, ice, PGX granules, Davinci SF Blueberry and Strawberry Syrup, and sweet and low! The key is to let it blend, then sit for a min, add more syrup, stir it around, shake it, blend again, add more ice etc.

It also signalled the return of the PROTEIN CAKE! If you check out my first 4months of posts, you can see I had about 12 cakes A DAY! I made this with Isoflex Chocolate Protein (Allmax), psyllium husks, sweetener, and Davinci SF Cookie Dough syrup with baking soda. YUM

See the melty chocolate chips?

After that, my friend picked me up and we headed to get my bulk case of radishes from the Wholesale Superstore (forgot to take a picture), and then off to Superstore where I loaded up on my essentials: 8 bags of Dole 908g Romaine (chopped), green onions, salsa, mustard x3, 7 bags of Mann's Rainbow Salad (like Broccoli coleslaw), grape tomatoes, seven 350gram bags of chopped fresh cauliflower (again- I have one everyday), 44 canned green/wax beans ($0.66c sale), celery, and I majorly scored on the PROTILIFE! They were "clearanc-ing" them out and the manager found the last 6 boxes! I got all the Chocolate Shake boxes that I love, and grabbed 3 maple oatmeal boxes that I plan to exchange at Zellers or something for the Shake mix instead (I'll just say my friend picked up the wrong ones or something).

I also found this amusing box in the international foods isle (right by where I found the COCK soup last time):

We also swung by Sobey's, where I grabbed more Salsa, a bag of Coleslaw and 2 Johnny's Spices! I grabbed the Seasoned Sea Salt, and the Seafood Seasoning. I will show those in my Sunday recap pics because I put them into a huge pile with all my other condiment purchases! I also saw the 'reappearance' of the YELLOW tomato!

Last stop of the day was the Arirang Korean food market, where I grabbed a huge thing of Kikkoman Low Sodium Soy Sauce (why they don't make them in bigger sizes is BEYOND me- the regular sodium infused ones come in 64oz jugs!) and my KAEDE 100 count Nori Seaweed pack (picture again will be in Sunday's recap).

I was stoked to get home and EAT! I made more ice cream for dessert (using the other 1/2 of the Vanilla Protilife) and had it with my Scandinavian Bran Crispbread pack (yes all 10 slices!).

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