Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday recap, PROTEIN ICE CREAM picture overload and GRAIN mustard lovin'

Happy Monday Honey Bunnies! (appropriate post-Easter)?
How is everyone doing? I loved reading what everyone did for Easter! I really love every one's families! If anyone wants a sister, I am open to adoption! ha ha. I will do a quick recap of yesterday because my pictures wouldn't load last night!

After yesterday's morning recap post and wicked workout (which in case you missed was 70min of solid cardio) I ran home, blogged about Saturday and started on my breakfast/shake/dessert/lunch combo. I started with my 4Fiber pudding and Proti Ice cream goodness! I cannot tell you how AMAZE the Protein Ice cream was! I was trying to capture how GLASSY/Glossy and creamy it looked (hence the multiple pictures in various angles-horrible lighting!)

I made lunch to go with this which was so good! Rainbow salad with 340g Cauliflower, 460g mushrooms, 2 bags radishes, 2 red bell peppers and my homemade Alfredo/curry dressing (green curry paste with Walden Farms Alfredo and tons of spices all microwaved together!) and topped with GRAIN MUSTARD with blueberry syrup! TOO good!

I love eating!

After my friend picked me up and we headed to the Pacific Asian Market to T&T's to grab some Shirataki noodles and peruse the condiment section. BEHOLD Kraft Philippines:

Yes kids, this is Kraft Cheeze Whiz Filipino style!

After we headed to Superstore to grab another storage container, 4 cans of green beans, and 2 more SALSA's!! I grabbed the new Extra Chunky Hot from Presidents Choice (this link is for their
OLD recipe- the new one doesn't have sugar) and ANOTHER 2L Medium Salsa TUB! Next we RUSHED to 'my' Safeway because they were all closing @ 6pm for Easter. The produce was horrible but since the awesome Produce man (TED) loves me he ALWAYS brings me fresh product! I got Red Bell Peppers, Vine Tomatoes, and more mushrooms!! I also grabbed what I came for which was Mann's Rainbow Salad (tastes better that the Broccoli slaw) (totally on sale and cheaper than Walmart for once!) so I grabbed 6 more to last me until the end of week.
Check out my SHROOMS! I put it on my dirty entry way by the BULLET EXPRESS BOX for comparison sake:

I also finally got my SLOW COOKER! I couldn't find the Silver/Black colored version but this one will be perfect! Mine LOOKS like THIS in terms of COLOR (or you can just look on the picture on the box in the above pic- sorry, I totally didn't realize that)!  Great reviews, and 4Qt's. I wanted to grab the 3-3.5Qt size but didn't find a good one I liked.

Also, many of you MAY have not believed me when I referred to buying bulk size mustard and copious amount of canned green beans and non perishables:

Those black topped bottles? Walden Farms dressings, and yes that is sleeves of Crystal Light in those bags! I was carting it into my storage room. This is also the BIG French's Mustard tub. Not my fave (HEINZ IS BETTER FOR YELLOW) and I prefer my Stonegroud/Grain mustards but this will do for my mass consumption recipes. French's has a good Bold'n'spicy and Horseradish.

Here is my new storage container with my GHETTO salsa jug and my new HOT extra chunky presidents choice jar. I am waiting for them to get them in the jug size- so far they're trying to sell through their old recipe which contains sugar which is why I can't have it. The PC Extra Chunky Mild is so good! Don't mind the mess- all those bottles on the floor areWalden Farm's dressings which I all put into my storage area after the picture (this is in my dirty entry way where I dumped everything):

Now continuing with my mustard loving theme, can we talk GRAIN MUSTARD!!:

This is the new President's Choice Whole Grain Dijon Mustard! You can actually taste the seeds. OMG! So good and grain-y. Mix this with Davinci's sugar free syrup (any berry flavor) or jam or Walden Farms' blueberry syrup........... GASMIC! Serious. I am going to write a whole post about Salsa/mustard love. This is long enough BUT I will be posting a Protein Truffle recipe soon!

Wow- I've been writing this for about 2 hrs! Time to eat dinner (I've been mowing down on Broccoli slaw, 440g mushrooms, 400g Celery, 350g microwaved Cauliflower) and will have dinner and finish off AS ALWAYS with a pack of GG Scandinavian Crispsbreads dowsed in Syrup, sweetener, PGX granules, cinnamon and Walden Farms Maple syrupy goodness- microwaved into hot mushy perfections times 10 (ten slices per pack):

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