Sunday, April 4, 2010


Good morning Cupcakes! It is Sunday and I am recapping Saturday's escapades! I just got home from a wicked workout at the near dead gym (gotta love corporate gyms!). I did 70minutes on the elliptical and burned 686cal/7.29miles. I watched the first episode of The Food Networks new show "100 MILE DIET", and am now eating radishes and mustard, going to make my Protishake and 4FIBER pudding and lunch soon.

Here is what I made post workout yesterday:

I used Chocolate protilife, Davinci Gourmet White Chocolate Sugar Free syrup, PGX granules, cinnamon, ice, water and sweetener with a bit of my 4FIBER sprinkled in. I used the rest of the in my unpictured (because the pictures looked horrible) pudding/batter thing.

SOOO creamy and glassy! The trick is to open the bullet container, add more syrup and let it sit for a bit so the PGX swells, add a bit more ice and keep blending/shaking.

I had this with my lunch & 2 bags of Radishes dipped in my Cherry Mustard Dipping Sauce:

I realize the color looks somewhat as 'Crayola preschool finger paint' colors, but it was good! Tastes better with Stoneground Mustard or Dijon which has Apple Cider Vinegar in it!

A bag of Mann's Rainbow Salad, 260g white mushrooms, Reb Bell Pepper, Cauliflower, Mrs Dash & various spices microwaved to death with the Cherry Sweet Mustard dipping sauce!

I once again got picked up and this time went to the Kosher Superstore to grad more Dole Romaine. All the ones they had out were gross and wilty, but I luckily have 'connections' (ha) and asked the produce guy who sees me every Saturday for a fresh date. He brought me a whole box of 6 that is good until April 13! I also got Cauliflower (4 more 340g bags), cherry tomatoes, green onions, canned beans, electrolyte mix, mushrooms etc

There are so many in that book I told you guys about yesterday! The one I had previously wanted to go to was closing in 30min, so we opted for this one instead. I had total sentimental feelings driving up to it. I used to come here with my family most weeks after church for fresh bocconcini cheese which we would drizzle with Balsamic, Oregano, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper and fresh Roma Tomatoes! YUM!

It is kind of a huge mess inside with jars and pastas crammed everywhere! He also carries a lot of Polish, Hungarian and Croatian products due to the European population as well as some Lebanese goods etc. The 'condiment' section was crazy! Small but had all the Polish Tubed Mayo, cream of Goulash paste, MAyo/Ketchup in a tube, fish/herb cream pastes etc.

Hello condiment isle! My cell pictures were such crap! This isle was awesome. Pickeled EVERYTHING!!!

This had me so excited! The last time I went to Europe to visit family I didn't haul enough of my Goldseal Smoked Light Tuna in Water with me (due to weight restrictions) and I found the RIO MARE brand while I was there in Tesco! It is the perfect 80g size in brine/broth that I was looking for. You can see it on the 2nd shelf from the top, first product on the shelf. The salmony pink ones are in Olive Oil. They come in 3packs!

I found this so funny! JOGGING SMILES cookies! Apparently they are high in Calcium and Protein, which makes you jog-worthy or prone to fitness! ha ha

It says DVE MONACI or 2 Monks. It is in Polish, which I can somewhat read (no I am not Polish). I believe these were either extracts, or mini liquors used for baking.

Yes I have a dirty mind! After the Cock soup find I had to add this one! They had so many cool drinks and on my Goodness- the syrup bottles! Almond Syrup!!!! If only I consummed sugar!

I found the most amazing authentic French Grain Mustard in a HUGE glass jar with a latch lid ! It was HUGE and amazing (as I already stated in the above sentence). I can't remember the name of the company- I think it was Fleur de Dijon or something. It was only 750ml but really looked big. Forgot to take a picture! I couldn't get it because I need money for Safeway today.

My friend ended up getting me the Rio Mare Tuna, this AMAZING Red Pepper paste and Artichoke Bottoms (I've only had the hearts). We ran to Sears to check on slow cookers and then quickly to Community Natural Foods to grad more LifeSource Organic Stoneground wheat/gluten free Mustard... Yes I am obsessed!

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