Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blueberry Fiber Ice Cream Pudding and Friday April 2

GRRR! I am having Janetha-like problems, except my blogger page keeps stalling and not loading. I wrote this yesterday and it wouldn't let me type anything. The sand-time thing stayed on when I tried to type anything. So I will rewrite this in past tense. Sorry guys!

I woke up Friday in what you could only call a funk. It was a bit scary and I think it was the side effect of the Ativan?! Anyways, went to the gym as usual, showered and measured out my 4Fiber (38g) and skipped home. I was in a sullen mood. Didn't check my phone and just sulked. I tried to snap out of it, but it was a really dark and weird place for me to be! I decided earlier that I would make a Vanilla Protilife Shake and decided to make it into Blueberry Ice cream, with the 4Fiber pudding on the side as a pre lunch snack! YUM!
I added: Protilife Vanilla packet, ice, magic bullet (duh), Slimstyles PGX Granules (38g), sweetener, Davinci Gourmet Blueberry Syrup, and Walden Farms Blueberry Syrup on top! It was amaze! Food Porn!

I also added some onto the 4FIBER pudding/batter concoction:

See how pretty and Multi-colored it is??
Sorry for the shotty picture! It all the spices microwaved to the bowl! lol
It was noon at this point and I decided to have my dessert/pudding with lunch

In the mix: Mann's Rainbow Salad, Shrooms, Red Pepper, 2 Bags Radishes, a 340g bag of Cauliflower, and topped with my home-made AMAZING Blueberry Stoneground Mustard dipping sauce!


Natural Value/ Life Source Stoneground mustard

1 packet of sweet and low

I got picked up by my friend around 2pm and luckily changed my mood around! We had a nice day! We first hit up the WholeSale Superstore for a case of FUZE and my radishes and Juicy Fruit Pineapple Orange gum!

Next stop!?? DINA ROSSI'S Italian Market! I got this killer book of all the food places of where I live. This is the one we attempted to go the Thursday, but they just closed! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! I know it was Good Friday and that place is known for their deli/restaurant...but the grocery section was old, stale and so sparse! They had no Italian Mustard or anything! I was super stoked to see one of my favorite mustard gourmet companies there though! Unfortunately she only had 2 flavors and they were dried out. It is Edmond Fallot from France. They are still the only company that uses a true grinding technique! If you EVER see their Tarragon Mustard GET IT! SO UNIQUE! Their Peppercorn and Burgandy mustard's are awesome too! They also have a Black Current and a Walnut mustard!

Next we went to Superstore where we looked again for slow cookers, and I got 4 Dole Romaine, canned beans, a stalk of celery for $0.88, 340g bags of Cauliflower, zucchini, Juicy Fruit strawberry banana stix gum, 2 smaller plastic storage containers and PC Stonegroung Mustard in a jar!

Next stop was Walmart where we again looked at Crockpots/Slow Cookers ( we were hoping this location would have a better selection and have the one we bought in the BLACK/CHROME)...slow cooker fail. I left with another stalk of celery.

Last stop of the day was Community Natural Foods! I got 2 more mustards! Yes, I am a self admitted Condiment Addict! I got the Simply Natural Stoneground mustard and ofcourse my favorite LIFE SOURCE gluten/wheat free Stonegroung mustard!

Operation CLEAN MY APARTMENT didn't go as well and I fear I'm in a slump. I realize it is because I went out...but I am wornout! I will take picture of the cute organizing bins later. I need one for: mail, stationary, letters, pay stubs from work, and odds'n'ends. My BIG goal/task now is to move my HUGE standing heavy-as-hell kicking/punching bag to the corner of the apartment. It won't budge! UGH

Just polished off a bag of Radishes with French's yellow Mustard (Heinz is better!) and headed off to the gym in 30min!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Thank you- I have never heard of "Super Noodles"! I will check for them at my local market next time I pop in there. They seem very similar to Ramen, no? I know what you mean- your place is a mess, but you don't know where to start because it seems so overwhelming! Ugh. Sometimes cleaning can be such a pain. But maybe you will inspire me?

    Have a great weekend and don't spend the while time cleaning- there are chocolate eggs and bunnies to be eaten!