Saturday, April 10, 2010

Super proud UPDATE on morning status

So, I decided to hit up my apartment's 'gym' as I stated in this mornings post- not expecting much and telling myself I would do at least 20minutes... Well, I haven't been there in AGES- it is ALL updated and new! I wanted to take more pictures, but this grumpy old woman and guy were there so I did what I could! I had planned to go on the treadmill and take pictures for you guys because I said it was from the 80's. Well they have 5 now and they're not garbage! I threw me stuff on one of the ones facing the windows/balcony and decided to try out the elliptical-like machine beside it (Octane 350pro) as a warm up. WOW Brutally hard!
I wanted to stop after 5 min but kept going. I kept telling myself I could get off at 15min, then 20, then 30... I somehow made it to 61 Minutes!!! This is more than I would do at my own gym! I don't think the cal burn was accurate but I wanted to write down my miles. I have no idea how to use this machine, so @ 1hr I pressed 'cool down' thinking it would lower the level and give me 5min. NO. It bloody erased all my stats from the previous 60minutes! I have no idea how many miles I did! oh well.
I felt so proud of myself after this! I was beyond sweaty and marched my ass to the Safeway by me to grab radishes! I have NO food in my apartment. Wow, it was cold and windy, yet deceptively sunny! I had to take a picture of these shrooms! You guys know that I spend about $30 on mushrooms a week! I eat them all the time, and they keep me from binging on crap food. Well, these pictures do not do them justice! They were HUGE! Like FIST sized! I texted my 'weekend' buddy, and we are stopping there first! I then came home, finally put money on rent and am not finished devouring 2 bags of radishes and waiting for my microwave to finish heating my lunch! I got a package today (picked it up from the office when I was paying rent)... Haven't opened it yet, but I hope it is my VEG NEWS win from Kailey!


  1. Ahh, you went a whole hour? That is awesome!! And it must've made you feel so accomplished, especially considering you wanted to stop after 5 minutes. Those are the best kind of workouts, don't you think? :)

  2. I LOVE mushrooms. I like to eat them raw dipped in mustard...weird.

  3. whoa, those are some pearly white mushrooms...i thought they were styrofoam at first! lol.

    And congrats on your PR at the gym! :D