Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I vacuumed! Go me!

I write this update again from Good Earth cafe- sipping my Starbucks PASSION TAZO tea- I know, I'm bad...

Today's been a weird day. After my workout I headed home, emailed my dad and decided to get off my ass and continue with "Operation De-Clutter/Get Organized". I have been falling behind, and starting to save (hoard-cough cough) things again for 'tomorrow, future use' etc. I just got up and VACUUMED. It felt good! One problem that arose was the moving of the punching bag- not happening. It is a standing one that is filled to the top with water and sand-i couldn't even move it an inch.

I am also having a hard time designating what to use my storage bins for?! ANY IDEAS?? Samples, mail, pay stubs... I am lost.

I had 4 Holy Basil's right when I finished my workout, so it did help with my anxiety. I also had Holy Basil tea when I got home. I snacked all morning- 2 460g bags of Yours Truly Radishes, 2 red peppers (all dipped into copious amounts of homemade mustard dipping sauce) and tooled around on the internet looking for Windowns Vista sidebar gadgets, blogger widgets etc and reading blogs. I kept making a mess by moving piles to other piles etc.
I decided to break for lunch @ 2:30pm while watching such gems as MTV's 'Parental Control' , Gossip Girl, and the end of Dr Oz, Chris and Steve and the beginning of Oprah (Pillsbury Bake off), The Doctors, Bonny Hunt Show and America's Best Recipe's.

I had 29g of premeasured (Shout out to my amazing MINI SALTER SCALE- my best friend EVER- seriously, GET ONE NOW) 4Fiber and Chocolate Protilife which I made into a shake using Davinci sf Toasted Marshmallow, coconut, and Walden Farms Pancake syrup, PGX, sweet and low, cinnamon and ice.
Below is my 4FIBER pudding/cookie dough (mixed with sweet and low, Walden Farms Pancake, and the aforementioned Davinci Sugar Free Syrups):
The above picture is the 4Fiber drizzled with my protein Ice Cream! YUM

This was had with lunch which consisted of:

  • 340g bag of fresh Cauliflower

  • 340g bag of Mann's Broccolislaw

  • 2 huge zucchini's ( 19oz)

  • 100g mushrooms

  • mustard, soy sauce, more grain mustard, and sweetener

  • (unpictured 300g celery, and another 200g mushrooms with French's Yellow Mustard, cayenne and Sweet and Low):
The celery/mushrooms I had later and then FINALLY knowing that I would just binge, I turned Oprah off, grabbed my laptop and ran here (Good Earth). I wanted to get out by 1pm and ended up leaving at 345pm!

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  1. go you for vacuuming! sometimes the hardest part of cleaning/getting organized is just getting started!