Friday, March 19, 2010


Today was interesting. I left work after 2 hrs, ate and then crashed. I feel like the life is draining out of me at times. My friend picked me up and we went to the newly renovated/reorganized Superstore (Walden Farms Isle is all messed up) and then to Planet Organic (got New Roots Probiotics and Amazing Grass Chocolate Super Food) and then to the Whole Sale Superstore to get FUZE! They had the new flavors finally!! I had to take a picture of this soup mix below, as it almost gave me whiplash. Yes, I was being immature. I laughed so hard.
cock soupPlanet Organic had my favorite CAPE HERB AND SPICE CO seasonings/spices on sale!


Below are my GG/PGX/Sugar free syrup creations!

The white color comes from Walden Farm's Marshmallow dip mixed in!

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