Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pictures to start the day

Thought I would start the day with a little 'Vacation Inspiration'. It's one of my favorite places in the world, and I'm lucky to have been several times. PRAGUE!

I managed to kill about 2 weeks looking through over 3000pictures of Prague, and downloaded about 400. Time suck! It made me so nostalgic. On the plus side, my screen saver is a beautiful collage of all of the saved pictures I have (which is Prague, and food) lol.

My backstabbing coworker left work early due to 'stress' (I won't even get into that) which was great. Manager had to reshuffle around the schedule, so he is off today! I am off Wednesday (which sucks) but I am so drained that I know I need it.

Several bloggers have emailed me asking if I have any recipes to share. I need to preface this by saying I used to be the QUEEN on cooking/baking. I planned on opening a restaurant/cafe, I have OVER 130 cookbooks, and spent hours (when I lived at home) baking the best savory scones, Rosemary Asiago Focaccia breads, artisan, crackers, loafs, rye, muffins etc.

I think I grew an aversion due to what happened at home afterwards. As for my 'awesome ' protein recipes (every customer I know and client always tells me to please write a book), I have truly tried everything under the sun. I've been making protein cakes/cup cakes/loafs/muffins/batter/cookie dough/ sludge/ brownies etc for over 9years now. My best tip is just think of the protein AS A FLAVOR- not as protein. Use it as a base and go from there. I realize that may seem like a lame answer, but it really is the key to unhinging its' potential. It leads to creativity and inspiration, as opposed to thinking of it as protein. I love protein pumpkin bread or banana bread or zucchini bread. Protein carrot loaf/ apple crumble loaf are great too, as is upside down pineapple cake.

I am running late, and have to work with coworker all day (my friend has nicknamed her Trash- it sounds cruel, but this was based on meeting her, and nothing coming from me. I actually defend her all the time). Have a fantastic day everyone!

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  1. Not just once...but several times?! girl, how lucky are you? I can only dream of visiting Prague! Oh, I wanna go to Europe, period!

    Backstabbing coworker: bye bye!