Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I had yesterday off from work, and didn't argue it on Monday. I just took it as it is, and WOW did it screw up my sense of where we are in the week. I woke up CONVINCED it was Sunday! I even looked @ the clock and said 'gym doesn't open until 9am- I can sleep a bit longer"... Well, it was Tuesday, and I was supposed to be @ the gym by 730am! It was already 7! I made it about 50min later (7:50) and had a decent cardio.
55minutes-532calories/5.52 miles.

I then went home and had 40g of Dymatize's Elite 12 hour protein in Vanilla, and my lunch and veggies.

My friend picked me up @ noon to go see SHUTTER ISLAND! It was really good. Great acting, tone, mood etc. Go see it!

We also were surprised to see 2 new (To Canada) FUZE SHAPE/SLENDERIZE flavors! YAY! Blueberry Raspberry and Acai Pomegranate! We got one of each (movie was 2.5hrs long). Blueberry is a lot more tart while the Acai is sweeter and my friend thought it tasted like NERDS! lol. It did have a mild fruity tutti type taste. Loved it!

We then went by Bath and Body Works (for about 9months now we have been looking for Slatkin & Co's Pineapple Mango spray- non-existent!). SURPRISE SURPRISE THEY HAD IT! We fell in love with their 2 new scents the last time we were there: Island Nectar and Caribbean Escape. Island Margarita is also great! They actually had the other 2 sprays in (finally) so I got all 3!!! They of course had NEW ones- summer orchid, melon, strawberry patch (so nice) etc.

I also got a new grinder: herb and garlic!

So do not want to go to work today. I think the boss is off (hopefully).. i think i may scoop up the Dymatize 12hr Elite Protein Blueberry Muffin 5lbs that is marked down. This isn't the best protein source, it terms of how much it gives you (21g per 33g scoop) but it tastes so yummy when eaten like a custard/cookie dough thickness!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. The herb and garlic grinder sounds like a good buy.

    About The Help, I'm still reading it and I love it thus far. You should borrow it from your Mom - after she reads it, of course. :)

  2. Man, how much protein do you get in a day? You really are a Protein Girl!
    And omg. Pineapple Mango spray? I know I'm not supposed to, but I'm salivating at the thought of its amazing fragrance!