Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday recap and a new HIDEAWAY

I am writing this from the GOOD EARTH a few blocks from my apartment and totally enjoying lazily chilling out and CALMLY reading blogs and typing this. Why have I not been doing this earlier?This is my new hideaway-destressing place! I always make plans to GET OUT, and yet end up feeling crammed anxious, aggitated when I'm @ my apartment and on the computer because it is SO cluttered. Anyone have any ideas about de-cluttering? I hate being in there. It is like an episode of Hoarders!! Anyways, my sister finally returned my lap top and I finally decided to get out!  Rewind to yesterday:
I woke up too early, too tired....went to the gym and pushed my way through my workout. I was feeling MEH. Just down for no reason.I ate 3 bags of radish, 2 340g bags of cauliflower, mushrooms, red peppers and of course my Protishake and 4Fiber gooey pudding invention! SOOOO good. I realize my lunch picture looks yucky- but it's all how you season it and it was GOOD!

I have to say this batch of CREAMY amazing Protilife soft serving/shake was RIDICULOUSLY creamy and amazing. I think it had to do with the fact that a, I added more 4Fiber to it and
b, I let it sit for awhile and let it congeal and thicken. My pudding was so good too!

My weekend friend picked me up around 2pm and our first stop was Walmart where I grabbed 4 Mann's Rainbow Salads, French's Bold'n'Spicy mustard, Vaseline Intensive Therapy (my right hand is so chapped, that when i\I make a fist, the skin on the knuckles cracks and bleeds!) and
We didn't really know what to do next to kill time, so we decided to head over to Lina's Italian Market!
I haven't been here in YEARS! Sorry about the crappy cell pictures! I think the lense was greasy from the Vaseline cream! lol. This place is BIG and has a kitchen/utensil section, and isles of spices, vinegars, oils, canned goods, SPICES& SEASONINGS, as well as a cafe, deli, fresh cheese bar, gelato, pizza, and cute Italian boys serving you! They sell European food (Polish, Hungarian, Spain, Italy, Croatia etc). I got Italianna Dijon Mustard , and Szeged Hungarian Seasonings that I haven't had in about 5 years!

I got the Fish Rub and the Chicken (amazing- my mom used to buy their Hungarian Paprika all the time!)
In my cupboards...
They closed at 5pm on Sunday's so we were pretty much kicked out.
Since I am of European origin, I was literally having 'reminiscing' moments of nastalgia! A lot of the gingerbreads, neopolitanki, sweets etc were imported from Central East Europe ( where my family originates).

We left and headed to 'my' Safeway... I always go through the self checkout, and there is ONE checkout girl in particular that I CANNOT stand. She makes me so anxious, panicky and uncomfortable. She always runs over, and I already get anxiety every Sunday about this. I obviously have memories from that place, and it's crazy how my Sunday Safeway shopping can MAKE/BREAK my entire mood/day! Anyways, SHE was there! I was SO upset. I wanted to leave. We were pretty much done perusing the isles when I see this girl dressed in a green top walk by me and to the checkout. IT WAS HER! Her shift must have ended just when I saw her! I know they do chenges around 515-530pm, but I thought she was the 'new' change! I ran to the checkout faster than Heidi Montag seeing a publicity op! I am not kidding, I literally sprinted.

 I got HUGE white mushrooms, bell peppers, green onions, vine-ripened tomatos, and Johnnys Seasoning and Mrs. Dash Tomato, Basil Garlic and a 12pk sleeve of Crystal Light. Is it just in Safeway's or are all the Strawberry Kiwi disappearing? I got about 5 and had to fill the rest with 'other' flavors! I miss the pineapple passionfruit etc. Canada doesn't have ANY of the awesome fruit punch flavors etc. Just the ice tea, green teas, tons of 'new' singles, tangerine, lemonade, pink lemonade, strawberry orange banana, and raspberry. I was super happy after this! Check out these gorgeous looking Asparagus:

We then dutifully stopped at ARIRANG (my e Korean Market) where I grabbed 100count pack of Nori Full Sheet Seaweed and Kikkoman Low Sodium Soy Sauce in the big size (only place I can find it). Next we headed to Community Natural Foods (it's our end of Sunday-post Safeway- tradition) where I got THREE mustards-including a new 'flavor' I have been wanting to try! I got the Squeeze bottle of Natural Value's Stoneground mustard (love this one), and my other favorite stoneground mustar by Life Source in a jar. I have been wanting to try their Dijon style too, so I grabbed it.Dinner was RUSHED and WAY more than pictured here (don't forget I have a whole pack of my GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread  with / WF Syrup, PGX granulesand Davinci sugar free everynight and JELLO):

 I have been sitting here for almost 3hrs writing and bumped into someone who knows me from the part-time retail nutrition job I have and offered to help me with my own consulting business! Thanks for listening and reading! I am going to finish my now cold Mighty Leaf Citrus Camomile Tea and head home for dinner!

Here are my mustard/spice pictures of the day- sorry about cell phone crap quality and MESS:
Life source organic gluten free/wheat free
LifeSource Gluten/Wheat free dijon/stoneground mustards!
Italissima Dijon from Lina's Italian Market
Natural Value Stoneground
Group photo! my hideous OLD brown apartment       cupboards


  1. De-cluttering...why not just get a big giant sack and throw away all the stuff you don't really need? I totally cannot work in a messy room, either. Starbucks is nice...and so is refills on soda! :-)

  2. Hello, just found your site and wanted to thank you for sharing! I noticed that you also love GG Bran Crisp. My husband and I are on a low calorie diet and we just love these crispbreads! We at least go through 2-3 packages a day! :-)

    Not sure if you ever tried Truvia (natural sweetener with zero calories) before although we mix this with some cinnamon and sprinkle it on top of the BranCrisps for a quick, delicious little treat! :-) Hope you can try it.

    Thanks again for the great info and look forward to reading more.