Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday's Dulce De Leche Protein Caramel-Icing yumminess.

I made my famous protein sludge yesterday post workout with 36g of Dymatize Elite 12hr protein, Davinci Sugar Free Dulce De Leche syrup. I added , cinnamon, syrup, and sweet and low. Then I stirred it thick and let it 'goop-ify'. OMG. Orgasm. I always eat it thick, but letting it sit made it et caramel-y sticky. I did more then 1 scoop, which for me shows great restraint. Obviously the below picture of the individual package IS NOT what I used, but it's the same product from the tub. And yes, the picture of the sample pack is a reuse... However, the pictures underneath are the amazing Dulce De Leche cookie dough, goopy goodness. You can see how it appeared to be a little runnier @ first (picture #3- sorry uploaded them in the wrong order), and then it turned into this caramel/liquid toffee like consistency!

Do you see how thick it is and gooey?
I hid a 5lbs Dymatize 12hr Blueberry Muffin that was marked down @ work and think I will buy it.
Questions is, where will I stash it? This stuff is like crack to me. I have to keep it locked away (out of site, out of mind) because I literally have consummed an entire 2lbs tub at one sitting before.
Love you guys!
The above picture is what it looked like @ first. BTW that bowl is much bigger than it looks.Cell phone pictures and bad indoor apartment lighting suck!

OMG I have no words! Seriously

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