Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today I did something that I have not done in years. Literally.

I hauled my ass to the gym, did 55min:533cal/5.66miles. I showered, measured out my Amazing Grass Super Foods, grabbed a packet of Chocolate Protilife and a pack (100g) of GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread and headed home. I ate, made 2 shakes:

Chocolate Protilife shake
My friend couldn't meet up until 3pm, so I cancelled and pondered what to do. I finally talked to my dad last night, and I had tears running down my face the entire time. He was so distant and cold. Awkward silences etc. I called him today to see if I could take him to a movie but realized it was too late. I decided to grab my book (I never mention it but I am a fanatical reader-I read book reviews etc daily) and head out to read. First I decided to lay down for 3min. I CANNOT NAP. AT all. I get nervous, anxious, agitated and then go eat. This was 12:50ish. Next thing I know it is 2:55pm and I reluctantly drag my exhausted drained booty from bed. I know I have been complaining of being overwhelmed, tired, weak etc over the last few months....
I never slow down, rest etc. Good Lord, did I need that 'mini' nap. It wasn't deep sleep-more a refusal of my body to get up, eyes to open and mind to stay focus. I wish I could do this more often.
I went for a walk to the mall (I live in the city center, right by it) and headed to Shopper's Drug Mart. I fell in love with DERMAGLOW GLYCOLIC TREATMENT! It's a toner, not a cream. I love glycolic acid products, and plan on investing in this soon.
The Body Shop also has a new body butter scent: Sweet Lemon! It smells so light and meringue like! Not Mr.Clean or Citronella mosquito spray at all!
I am not on a training conference call regarding SEA BUCKTHORN, Resveratrol, Gogi, and some other new nutrition studies etc.
Have a lovely day!
ps- I haven't had MONIN SUGAR FREE GOURMET syrups in a while (hard to find) and I randomly went to their site and discovered they have BLACKBERRY! These syrups aren't as watery as DaVinci- they are AMAZING. Thick and flavorful! If you have a chance to order these or find a gourmet cafe that carries them, I highly recommend it!
Also, here are the PGX granules I keep talking about. They are made of Glucomannan (Konjak) and sodium algianate. I do not use them for weight loss- but for thickness/texture/creaminess. They are amazing! They look like cream of wheat when dry and I use them in everything.

with ice, Sorbee Sugar Free Maple Syrup, Davinci SF Cookie Dough and  Chocolatesyrups, cinnamon, sweet and low, and 1.5scoops PGX granules for thickness/creaminess). I poured blueberry syrup into the first shake, and this one had a TB of Cherry sf Davinci on top).

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